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Whether you need Final Cut Pro training, Adobe video editing training, or want to brush up on your editing techniques, we have the webinar you need!  A webinar is online video training. Keeping our skills sharp is critical — but finding time is hard. So we created “Wednesday Webinars” – a LIVE, weekly opportunity to improve your skills and answer your questions without leaving your home, edit suite, or office.

Larry Jordan hosts each focused one-hour session covering tips, techniques, secrets and new technology in Final Cut, Adobe, and many other editing tools. Watch and listen as he demonstrates software, provides solutions to common problems, and answers your questions during the event.

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If you don’t have the time to join us live, all our webinars are available for download or subscription. This means you get exactly the information you need – when and wherever you need it. (Remember, all Video Training subscribers can view any webinar for free.)

Nobody presents like Larry Jordan – his energy and knowledge are amazing! Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you’ll learn dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques you can put to work immediately every week.

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Webinars are presented on Wednesdays — 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Los Angeles time).

The content is the same — pick the time that’s best for you. All webinars run about one hour.

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Audio in Final Cut Pro X

January 21, 2015

Audio can make or break a production, but all too often, video editors ignore what audio can do until the very last minute. When it comes to Final Cut Pro X, you can do a lot to improve and enhance your audio – provided you know how to use the tools that Apple provides.

In this live session, join host, Larry Jordan, as he starts with the basics, then takes you deep into audio controls and filters within Final Cut Pro X. Whether you are looking to make simple adjustments, repair problems or create out-of-this-world effects, this is one session you need to hear to believe.

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This intermediate-level session is designed for all Final Cut Pro X editors who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their sound, sound effects, and mixing.

New Plug-ins for Premiere Pro CC

January 28, 2015

Two weeks ago, we covered new plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X. This week, we look at plug-ins for Premiere Pro CC.

Plug-ins can be magical. There is an increasingly large and diverse developer community creating tools that work within Premiere to solve problems and create effects that Premiere can’t do on its own. Until recently, most of the exciting plug-ins appeared first for Final Cut Pro X. However, that situation is quickly changing as Premiere becomes a viable platform for developers.

In this live session, join host, Larry Jordan, as he showcases as many different plug-ins as he can fit into an hour. The complete demo list is still being developed, but our goal is to show you things you haven’t seen before. This is a great way to discover what’s new and how it works — all at one time.

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This beginning-level session is designed for all Premiere Pro CC editors looking to see what’s new in effects and plug-ins.

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