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What is a Webinar?

Whether you need Final Cut Pro training, Adobe video editing training, or want to brush up on your editing techniques, we have the webinar you need!  A webinar is online video training. Keeping our skills sharp is critical — but finding time is hard. So we created “Wednesday Webinars” – a LIVE, weekly opportunity to improve your skills and answer your questions without leaving your home, edit suite, or office.

Larry Jordan hosts each focused one-hour session covering tips, techniques, secrets and new technology in Final Cut, Adobe, and many other editing tools. Watch and listen as he demonstrates software, provides solutions to common problems, and answers your questions during the event.

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If you don’t have the time to join us live, all our webinars are available for download or subscription. This means you get exactly the information you need – when and wherever you need it. (Remember, all Video Training subscribers can view any webinar for free.)

Nobody presents like Larry Jordan – his energy and knowledge are amazing! Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you’ll learn dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques you can put to work immediately every week.

BRAND NEW — LIVE WEBINARS ARE FREE! All LIVE webinars are now FREE! Register early to reserve your seat. (There is a limit of 80 seats in each webinar.)

Webinars are presented on Wednesdays — 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Los Angeles time).

The content is the same — pick the time that’s best for you. All webinars run about one hour.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Motion 5: Masks and Keys

September 24, 2014

Masks remove portions of an image. Keys superimpose two images to create a new image. In this webinar, host Larry Jordan shows how to use the power of Motion 5.1 to do both.

Motion continues to expand the flexibility of masks with both Bezier and B-spline curves, as well as standard geometric shapes and paths. Discover how – and why – to use all these tools to create interesting effects that you can then load into Final Cut Pro X for your own projects.

Then, discover the power of keys – luma keys and chroma keys – to composite images. While most keys are created in Final Cut Pro X, there are advantages to creating them in Motion. This webinar shows you how these work.

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This intermediate-level webinar requires an understanding of the Motion 5 interface, along with basic media import skills. Knowledge of Final Cut Pro X is helpful, but not necessary.

Timing is Everything

October 1, 2014

Our recent webinar – Editing as Story-telling – was so popular that we decided to continue it with a second look at the craft of editing. While understanding and using editing technology is critical in any project, if you don’t know how to tell a story, no one is going to watch.

In this webinar, host Larry Jordan continues sharing his thoughts on how to enhance a story using editing. Specifically, he looks at the influence timing has on story-telling.

For example:

  • How changing the shot order changes the audience’s perception of the story
  • When to cut between wide shots, close-ups and cut-aways
  • How to determine when to cut from a talking head to B-roll
  • When to cut from the person talking to a reaction shot
  • When to start a story at the beginning or the middle or the end

Watch over Larry’s shoulder as he edits a series of dramatic and interview scenes to illustrate his point. If you are a new editor, this is a good way to learn basic editing techniques. And if you are an experienced editor, you can use this to brush up your own skills.

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This session looks at the craft of editing. As such, no specific software experience is required. These techniques apply to any video editing software on any platform.

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