Larry Jordan's Final Cut Studio Tip of the Day

Final Cut Pro - Fun with the Anchor Point

The anchor point controls more than rotation. Check this out and see.

Have you ever wondered what the anchor point does in the Motion tab? Well, let’s find out:

1. Load an image you want to manipulate from the Timeline into the Viewer.

2. Select the Canvas, and choose Image + Wireframe either from the View menu or the small pop-up menu at the top right of the Canvas. The white dot that appears connected to the center of your image is the anchor point.

3. Select the Distort tool (press D), and then drag the point to move it. You could also enter the coordinates for the anchor point directly in the Viewer, if you want to be precise about it.

Now for some fun. Select the Motion tab in the Viewer and watch what happens in the Canvas when you do the following:

• Rotate your image—it rotates around the anchor point.

• Drag the Scale slider—it scales from its original position and gradually recedes into the anchor point.


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