Larry Jordan's Final Cut Studio Tip of the Day

Final Cut Pro 5 - Trashing Your Preferences

Trashing preferences should only be done when Final Cut is working properly. Here's how.

If you're experiencing FCP weirdness or performance issues, try trashing your preferences as part of your troubleshooting approach. Sometimes these files get corrupted, and FCP loses stability.

To trash your preferences:

1. QUIT Final Cut Pro.

2. Go to your Home directory (press Command+Shift+H)

3. Open [home directory]/Library/ Preferences.

4. Trash

5. Scroll down to the FCP User Data folder.

6. Trash Final Cut Pro 6.0 Prefs (Final Cut Pro 5.x users should trash Final Cut Pro 5.0 Prefs)

7. Trash Final Cut Pro Obj Cache

8. Trash Final Cut Pro Prof Cache

9. Empty the trash.

Note: Only trash your preferences when FCP is NOT running properly. Also, be forewarned, you will lose all Favorite motions, transitions, and effects, the list of recent projects, and any custom window/button arrangements that weren't saved to disk. However, all your clips, edits, sequences, and projects are safe.


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