Larry Jordan's Final Cut Studio Tip of the Day

Final Cut Pro - How to Color Correct with One Mouse Click

This won't make you a colorist, but it will solve big problems in a BIG hurry!

Have you ever been in a tearing hurry to meet a deadline only to discover that the camera operator forgot to color balance the camera and everything is gold - or blue?

While it would be great to carefully color balance each shot, you have exactly three nanoseconds to get this project done.

Here's a single mouse-click solution that can easily fix a badly off-color image.

  1. Put your playhead in the middle of the clip you want to color correct.
  2. Select the clip.
  3. Apply Effects > Video Filters > Color Correction > Corrector 3-way filter.
  4. Double-click the clip to load it into the Viewer.
  5. Click the Color Correction 3-way tab at the top of the Viewer.
  6. Click the small eyedropper to the lower left of the Whites color wheel.
  7. Click something in the image that supposed to be white.

Ta-DAH! Instant fix.

Extra credit: Be careful not to click something that is overexposed (blown-out). Also, if you KNOW something is mid-tone gray, you'll have better results using the Mids eyedropper to the lower left of the Mids circle, but finding something in an image that is truly gray is much harder than finding something that is white.


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