Adding Fonts to your System

Posted: May 15, 2011

[ This article was first published in the July, 2006, issue of
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Lonnie Bell writes:

I have a client asking for a specific font which is not part of FCP5, LiveType, or Motion. So, how do i enlarge my font database… are there third party plugins that i can fully integrate with my FCP Studio Applications you can suggest, or do i need to bite a larger investment bullet and get Photoshop and all its glory… (even though photoshop is an eminent purchase, adding fonts is my quicker and cheaper fix!)

Larry replies: Not to panic! There are literally thousands of fonts you can add to your Macintosh. Keep in mind that Final Cut likes TrueType fonts. (There are also Postscript Type 1, Postscript Type 3, and OpenType font formats available as well. Stick with Truetype.)

I got bitten with the font bug many years ago when I worked for Bitstream and was introduced to world-class type designers. Designing your own font that looks good is amazingly difficult. Buying a font that looks good is ridiculously easy.

Here are some websites to check out, all offering high-quality typefaces. While cheap fonts are everywhere, these are some of the finest typefaces in the world. (Google lists millions more.)

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