Kind Words from Great Folks!

    Truly you are the Yoda of FCP. We're all indebted to you and hope to attend your next UK seminars.

    Nik Coleman
    Nik Coleman Productions

    Just joined this morning and watched my first lesson, "Video Transcoding and Compression Techniques". Fantastic! Thanks for starting this new membership subscription service. Without a doubt the best training service available online! I learned so much in just one session! Just had to say thanks before starting my next session. Also, can't wait until next Wednesday to participate in the Motion 5 live webinar as well! Nice to be able to participate live for a small additional fee and still have the ability to go back and review at a later date at my own pace through my subscription membership.

    Jerry Thompson
    Big Dog Films

    In these challenging economic times, buying your courses is the best investment I have made in years. Thanks Larry...

    Humberto R. Cortes

    I bought and viewed Larry's webinar 21, "Unlock the Power of 3D Space in Motion," and found it to be a delicious introduction to 3D in Motion, aiding me immensely. I feel the Power of 3D coursing through my veins and Larry just upped my game. It was just the right amount of material to empower me to gain understanding and experiment on my own and get great results.

    Brian Galford
    Televisionary Productions

    Just writing to say thank you for such a great, well-designed and thorough course on Final Cut Pro X. I have installed the whole course on my iPad2 so I don't need the Mac in front of me, or if I can, I refer to the training then back to the Mac screen, so it's a good combo. It's pretty overwhelming a learning curve for FCPX and Larry keeps the pace just right. Now, I absolutely know why it's so important to understand the setup rather than just heading straight for the first edit. I'm making the transition from Final Cut Express. Larry breaks the learning curve down into manageable chunks, and it fits just perfectly on the iPad. In terms of the amount of time and panic this is saving me, Larry Jordan's course is gold dust.

    Martin Haswell

    The training is excellent. I consider my purchase a solid investment and appreciate the excellence you bring to your work.

    Matt Hoyt
    Wormwood Films

    I have listened to you for a short while via - and have only just now discovered your wonderful site and all the amazing info available there! Yours will be an email that I will actually look forward to receiving! I enjoy your tutorials so much. You are an amazing trainer and "orator". I would listen to you read the phone book!

    Dale Bluestein

    I am a big fan. Have been listening to your podcast for a long time now. I think you are really, really good at what you do - and you have a wonderful voice to go with it. I always talk you up with my video associates. I look forward to meeting you one day. You have helped me and inspired me to pursue this career.

    Ken Jones
    Calaveras Gold

    I look forward to absorbing the new information you've created. These courses have been invaluable to me as I've created a productive workflow in FCPX. As always, your teaching style delightful, and information impeccable!

    Ron Robinson
    Paragon Digital Group

    I should have started getting these webinar things years ago.

    Chris Harris

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