Product Review: Final Cat Pro Utilities

There’s a new developer for Final Cut Pro plug-ins called “Final Cat Pro.” Founded by two brothers in the Netherlands – Jan Willem and Jeroen den Bok- who wanted to apply their experience as Final Cut Pro X editors to create utilities that would save editors time. Recently, Jeroen contacted me to ask if I was interested in reviewing their software. (By the way, Peter Wiggins at also suggested I check into them.) Final... Read More

FCP X: Copy & Paste Keywords

Here’s a quick trick that I didn’t know till last week: you can copy and paste keywords between one clip and another clip, or group of clips. And, its really easy! Here’s how: In the Event Browser, select the clip containing the keywords you want to copy. (You could actually select multiple clips, provided they all have the same keywords, but I like keeping things simple.) NOTE: This technique also works the same way for clips in... Read More

FCP X: A Circle Wipe to Color

I got an email from Charlie Van Dien asking how to create an effect where a clip wipes to white using a circle effect. This is actually an easy effect to create, but, if you don’t know how, well, you just don’t know how. So, here’s how. SETUP Here’s the clip (courtesy of I want to use as the start to the transition. What I want to do is have the sun expand, using a soft-edged circle wipe until a color the same shade... Read More

FCP X: Use Compound Clips to Rename Clips

When you are cutting multiple interviews into the same project, it can be hard to keep track of who’s speaking. This can be REALLY embarrassing if you ID the right person with the wrong name. So, here’s a suggestion sent in by Jay Jackson, from the University of Michigan School of Information. - – - My colleague Ben Armes and I here at the University of Michigan were working on a video in Final Cut Pro X with numerous clips of different... Read More

FCP X: Use Auditions for Voice-overs

In Final Cut Pro X, Auditions allow us to quickly compare two or more takes to see which one works best for our project. Apple tends to showcase Auditions using video clips, but what you may not know is that Auditions are really useful when working with narration and voice-overs. NOTE: A “voice-over” is an audio-only clip where an actor or narrator explains something we see on the screen. Because it is audio-only, we don’t need to... Read More

FCP X: Timeline Index Trick

One of the often-unrecognized features in Final Cut Pro X is the Timeline Index. (Oh! In looking over past articles, I just realized I haven’t written about this – though I cover it extensively in my Final Cut video training. I will have to remedy that soon.) The Timeline Index is a list of all the different clips, Roles, and elements you have in your Project, which makes it very easy to find and select anything. Here’s a very simple... Read More

FCP X: Advanced Trouble-Shooting

THE BASICS Most of the emails I get each day revolve around trouble-shooting. When Final Cut Pro X starts acting up, the two best things to do are: Trash Final Cut Pro X preference files Do a Safe Boot on your computer In most cases, one of these two will fix whatever’s wrong and get you back on your way. NOTE: Here’s an article that describes how to do both of these. ON A HUNT FOR ANSWERS However, sometimes we need to dig deeper to... Read More

Intelligent Assistance: Producer’s Best Friend (Video)

Intelligent Assistance: Producer’s Best Friend (Video) [This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Cool, New Utilities for Final Cut Pro X, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our webinars by becoming a subscriber.] The Producer’s Best Friend is a new utility from the folks at Intelligent Assistance. Many times, at the end of a project, producers need to generate massively detailed reports listing all... Read More

XMiL Workflow Tools: Marker (Video)

XMiL Workflow Tools: Marker (Video) [This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Cool, New Utilities for Final Cut Pro X, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our webinars by becoming a subscriber.] Marker, from XMiL Workflow Tools, is a utility that allows you to quickly locate in the Finder all the clips you are using in a Final Cut Pro X Project or Event. Even better, you can label all the clips in a Project, or... Read More

FCP X: Move Events or Projects

FCP X: Move Events or Projects A question that I get frequently is how to move Events and Projects used by Final Cut Pro X. There are three options: Move them from inside FCP X. Move them using the Finder. Move them using a utility. USING FINAL CUT PRO X Press and hold the Command key. Then, in the Event Browser, drag the name of the Event you want to move and drop it on top of the name of the hard disk in the Event Library where you want to move... Read More

FCP X: Introduction to Keyframes (Video)

FCP X: Introduction to Keyframes (Video) [This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Animation and Keyframes in Final Cut Pro X, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our webinars by becoming a subscriber.] Keyframes scare a lot of people – including me, when I was first learning Final Cut Pro. But they are the best tool to use for animation, so they are worth taking the time to learn. In this video training,... Read More

FCP X: Create a Subclip

FCP X: Create a Subclip The following technique was sent in by Roger Jönsson. (I’ve added a few notes to expand on his original email.) A couple of months ago I was trying to figure out how to create subclips in FCP X. I researched it and everybody said it could not be done. They told me that I would have to use Favorites tagging and then name the Favorite in the Event Browser. However, I discovered a much easier way to create subclips. In... Read More

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