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Welcome to our Video Tutorials! Each of these short training videos is designed to answer a single question in depth. Most run between 5-10 minutes so you get exactly the information you need, when you need it. 

All tutorials show you exactly how to use the software in a series of step-by-step techniques. All tutorials illustrate software found in Final Cut Studio 3, or Adobe Production Premium CS5.

Plus, those marked “In HD” support a new larger image size of 1280 x 720, which makes the screen even easier to see.

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**Two Dozen Unknown and Highly Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for FCP
**Ten Things You Can Do to Get Final Cut Pro to Work More Efficiently
Getting Organized for Final Cut Pro
Optimizing Final Cut Pro’s System Preferences
* Configuring Final Cut Pro’s User Preferences
** Importing and Exporting EDLs
** Converting an FCP Project to an Earlier Version of FCP using XML


* Minimizing the Spinning Beach Ball of Death
* Trashing Final Cut Pro Preference Files
** Using Photoshop to Fix Video Glitches
** Retouching Video in Photoshop Extended
** Rotoscoping with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro 7- in HD!


Ten Tips for Faster Editing in Final Cut Pro - FREE!
Tips for Faster Trimming in Final Cut Pro
* Creating and Editing Multiclips in Final Cut Pro
** Using FCP’s Log & Transfer for P2, XDCAM, and RED Media
* Using Final Cut Pro’s Selection Tools
** Using Markers in Final Cut Pro 7 - in HD!


** Setting Audio Levels and Checker-boarding Audio - in HD!
** Normalizing Audio Clips in Final Cut Pro - in HD!


** Recording Multi-Track Audio in Sountrack Pro - in HD!
** Editing Multi-track Audio in Soundtrack Pro - in HD!
** Mixing Multi-track Audio in Soundtrack Pro - in HD!
** Using Filters and Outputting Audio in Soundtrack Proin HD!
* Moving files between Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro
* Reducing Noise in Audio Clips Using Soundtrack Pro
* Cleaning Up Audio Weirdness Using Ambient Noise
** Faster Audio Timeline Editing in Soundtrack Pro 2
** Using the Time Stretch Tool to Fit Audio to Time
** Getting Different Mics to Sound the Same Using EQ Matching
** Using Busses, Sends and Reverb in STP
** Editing Frequencies Using the Spectrum Editor
** Using Submixes to Group and Control Tracks
* Using the Limiter Filter to Even Out Audio Levels (Excellent tip)


** Creating an Alpha Transition in Final Cut Pro 7 - in HD!
** Preparing Still Images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD) for Final Cut Pro
* Creating a Variable-Speed Clip in Final Cut Pro 6
** Creating a Variable-Speed Clip in Final Cut Pro 7- in HD!
* Creating a Traveling Matte (video-in-video) Effect in Final Cut Pro
** Creating Nests in Final Cut Pro- in HD!


* Learning How to Read Video Scopes in Final Cut Pro
Automatic Color Correction to Fix Problem Clips

LIVETYPE (Creating Animated Titles)

* Creating Animated Text in LiveType – Fast and Easy
* Creating Scrolling Credits in LiveType
** Creating a Custom Effect in LiveType
** Creating LiveType Templates
* Introduction to the Particle System in Motion 3
** Introduction to 3D-space in Motion 3


** Using the Geometry Tab in Compressor 3.x in HD!
** Deinterlacing Video in Compressor - in HD!
** Exporting Clips with Alpha Channels from FCP - in HD!
** Compressing 16:9 HD for the Web
* Automating Compressor with Droplets
** Converting HDV to DV in Compressor
** Compressing 16:9 DV for the Web Using H.264
** Displaying 16:9 Movies Accurately in QuickTime
** Creating a Flash Movie Using Adobe Media Encoder
** Exporting H.264 Movies from FCP or QuickTime
** Exporting, Deinterlacing, and Resizing Still Frames
** Using Media Manager to Archive Final Cut Pro Projects


** Rotoscoping in Photoshop Extended CS4 and FInal Cut Pro - in HD!
** Using Photoshop to Fix Video Glitches
** Retouching Video in Photoshop Extended
** Creating a Flash Movie in Adobe Media Encoder
** Speech-to-text Transcription Using Soundbooth CS4
** Improving File Management in Final Cut Pro Using Adobe Bridge
– Check back often as our titles change frequently –


I am often asked whether these tutorials duplicate my existing training — especially my tutorials on First, it would not be fair to Lynda to duplicate work I’ve done for her. So I try hard to avoid doing so. While there is some duplication between my newsletter articles and these tutorials, I try to make these video tutorials both timely and unique. Tutorials marked with a single asterisk ( * ) contain mostly new or revised material. Tutorials marked with a double-asterisk ( ** ) contain material that is not available from me anywhere else.


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