FCP X: Surround Sound Panning (Video)

Posted: March 30, 2013

[This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Advanced Audio in Final Cut Pro X, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our webinars by becoming a subscriber.]

This video tutorial illustrates how to create surround sound pans within Final Cut Pro X, as well as a discussion of the difference between the subwoofer and the LFE (low-frequency effects).

Most of the time, our projects are mixed for stereo. However, FCP X supports mixing and outputting projects using 5.1 surround sound. The principle difference between stereo and surround is that, using surround, you are able to place a sound within a 306-degree circle of the listener’s ears.

This short video tutorial illustrates how to display and adjust the surround panner for an audio clip in the Final Cut Pro X Timeline.

TRT: 5:51 — QuickTime HD movie

NOTE: This video will not play inside FireFox, please use a different browser.

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