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FCP X: Chroma-key on Red

A step-by-step tutorial on how to remove a background color that isn’t green or blue, using the Keyer filter in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Thoughts on Media Asset Management

A look at the challenges of adding a media asset system to a small company. It isn’t the software, its the people. Continue reading

FCP X: Cool Tip to Relink Media

A fast way to find and relink to a missing file in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Updates Its Video Applications

Today, Adobe updated all their audio and video applications to v2014.2. Here are the details. Continue reading

FCP X: Change an Edited Multicam

A simple, but not-obvious, technique that allows you to modify an existing multicam clip in Final Cut Pro X without losing any edits. Continue reading

FCP X: Consolidate Media and Libraries

A step-by-step tutorial on how to consolidate media, Events, and Libraries from multiple locations into a single Library, using Final Cut Pro X. This is especially useful when you need to bring external media into a single library. Continue reading

Thoughts on the New 5K iMac [u]

A look at the new 5K iMac from the perspective of a video editor and trainer. Continue reading

Product Review: Promise Pegasus2 M4 RAID

A detailed review of the Promise Pegasus2 M4 RAID system, including speeds, specs and suggested uses for video editing. Continue reading

Motion 5: Modify Motion Paths [video]

A short video tutorial, by Larry Jordan, showing how and why to modify motion paths in Motion 5. This easy technique can actually create some pretty amazing effects. Continue reading

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