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FCP X: Create an Adjustment Layer

A step-by-step tutorial on creating adjustment layers in Final Cut Pro X. This is an especially good technique for applying the Broadcast Safe filter. Continue reading

FCP X: Browser Overlays

A short tutorial explaining what the color lines mean in Final Cut Pro X’s Browser and how to display them. Continue reading

The Importance of Timecode

A discussion from IMUG on the relevance of timecode in today’s video editing software and how it can be used to organize your projects. Continue reading

FCP X: Sync Double-System Sound

A short video tutorial, hosted by Larry Jordan, explaining what double-system sound is, why we use it, and how to sync the audio with the video using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Manage Media Using Ratings

A step-by-step illustrated article explaining what Ratings are in Final Cut Pro X and how to use them. (Also includes references to using keywords.) Continue reading

FCP X: Create Subclips Using Keywords

A step-by-step illustrated article describing how to create and use keyword ranges, along with links to other articles on keywords in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Collaboration Between Two Editors

An example of how to share logging data between two editors using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Overcome “Learning Lethargy”

A commentary on why we need to keep learning. Continue reading

Thoughts on Media Asset Management

A look at the challenges of adding a media asset system to a small company. It isn’t the software, its the people. Continue reading

FCP X: Cool Tip to Relink Media

A fast way to find and relink to a missing file in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Consolidate Media and Libraries

A step-by-step tutorial on how to consolidate media, Events, and Libraries from multiple locations into a single Library, using Final Cut Pro X. This is especially useful when you need to bring external media into a single library. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Tips and Techniques

A Q&A with Kevin Monahan, Support Product Manager-DVA at Adobe Systems discussing tips and techniques with Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

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