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FCP X: Automatic Text Styles

A detailed, but short, tutorial on how to use the Format and Style menu to automatically format text in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Automatic Text Automation

An illustrated explanation of the Build In/Build Out text animation controls in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Premiere Pro: Blend Modes

A detailed and illustrated article showing how to use a variety of blend modes to combine text with backgrounds to yield striking visual effects in Adobe Premiere Pro (all versions). Plus, these are fun and easy to do. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC (2014): Live Text Templates

A step-by-step illustrated tutorial on how to use the new Live Text Template feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014.) Continue reading

FCP X: Opacity vs. Blend Modes

A short video tutorial illustrating the differences between opacity and blend modes. This also provides examples of the different blend mode categories and shows how to add texture to text. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Text on a Curve [Video]

This short video tutorial shows you how to create and modify text on a curve in Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Tips to Pick the Best Fonts for Video [Video]

This short video tutorial illustrates which fonts are best for video and which ones should be avoided. These “rules” apply to all video projects in all NLEs, on both Mac and Windows systems. Continue reading

Tips to Make Your Text Look GREAT!

Examples and guidelines for using fonts and typefaces effectively in film and video projects. Applies to all non-linear editing software. Continue reading

Motion 5: Text on a Curve

A detailed tutorial on how to animate text along a curve, also called text on a path, using Motion 5. This isn’t obvious, but it isn’t hard, once you know how. Continue reading

FCP X: Performance Preferences

A quick explanation of what the two performance playback preference settings control in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Spell-check and Replace Text

A short tutorial showing how to spell-check, find and replace title text in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Timeline Index Trick

A very fast way to verify all titles are spelled and positioned properly in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

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