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FCP X: The Limiter Filter

The purpose of the Limiter filter in FCP X is to make soft audio louder while preventing the louder passages from distorting (which happens when audio levels exceed 0 dB). In fact, when used properly, the Limiter filter virtually guarantees that your audio won’t distort; as this article explains. Continue reading

Problems with Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro suffers from the same problem as Final Cut Pro – both applications can only access 4 GB of RAM. Continue reading

FCP X: Saving Audio Presets

In this technique, you’ll learn how to save custom audio filter settings in both Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) and Soundtrack Pro. Continue reading

Match the Sound of Two Clips in Soundtrack Pro

Here is a simple technique to match the sound of two different audio clips using Soundtrack Pro. Continue reading

Soundtrack Pro Workflow

Steps for audio editing and sound correction in Soundtrack Pro. Continue reading

Soundtrack Pro Audio Files

Loading clips into an Audio File Project, reducing noise, and handling audio files in Soundtrack Pro. Continue reading

Separating Stereo Audio Tracks in FCP For Import into SoundTrack Pro

When you send a stereo audio pair to Soundtrack, STP treats it as a stereo clip. When you send a dual-channel mono pair to Soundtrack, STP treats them as two separate files. This article describes how to switch from one to the other. Continue reading

Replace Ambient Noise in Soundtrack Pro

During my recent seminar tour, I had a lot of fun showing how to take advantage of the audio clean-up power in Soundtrack Pro. Continue reading

Normalizing Audio Levels in Soundtrack Pro

Audio distortion means disaster for your project. This article shows you a new technique in Soundtrack Pro that can guarantee to increase audio gain without distortion. Continue reading

Using the Soundtrack Pro Limiter Filter

I’ve done hundreds of hours of audio editing in Soundtrack and have discovered a wealth of features that make editing audio in it a breeze. Continue reading

How Soundtrack Pro Handles Mono and Stereo Files

Moving multi-track files from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro for mixing can cause problems, unless you understand how Soundtrack Pro handles linked files. This article explains. Continue reading

Where Are My Soundtrack Pro Files?

Mixing audio files in Soundtrack Pro is like editing video files in Final Cut Pro — there are lots and lots of files involved. Which means that if you don’t pay attention, things are going to get lost. This article explains what you need to know to keep track of everything. Continue reading

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