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New Mac Pro: Adobe Media Encoder vs. Compressor [Updated]

A comparison of Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor running on a new Mac Pro. [Updated] Continue reading

Mac Pro vs. iMac: Video Compression

A speed comparison between the iMac and new Mac Pro, testing video compression speeds. The winner may surprise you! Continue reading

Gosh! Compressing WebM Takes FOREVER!

A personal experience trying to compress WebM movies to support FireFox browsers. Continue reading

Intelligent Assistance: Producer’s Best Friend (Video)

A video tutorial on a new utility for Final Cut Pro X that automatically generates the detailed content reports required at the end of many projects. Continue reading

FCP X: Export a Project Region

A simple technique illustrating how to export a portion of a Final Cut Pro X timeline. Continue reading

The Three Formats of Filmmaking

Use this “Three Codec” method to shoot and edit video to improve speed and image quality. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Send Files to AME

A video tutorial showing how to export a project from Premiere Pro CC to create a master file or a compressed file. Continue reading

Compressor 4: Compress Video for Web

A step-by-step tutorial on how to compress video and audio for the web. Continue reading

FCP X: High-speed Export Trick

This article illustrates a simple keyboard shortcut sequence to export multiple files from Final Cut Pro X very quickly. Continue reading

Pick the Right Video Frame Rate

A commentary on how to pick the best video frame rate to shoot your project, with a look back at history. Continue reading

FCP X: Problems Uploading to YouTube

When Google changed YouTube’s API, it broke the YouTube export option in Final Cut Pro X, as this article explains. Continue reading

FCP X: Export Master File

A tutorial on how to export a high-quality master file with a default keyboard shortcut from Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

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