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Create a Dual-Boot Mac OS X System Disk

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a dual-boot drive on a Macintosh system. Continue reading

Mac OS: Turn Off Drive Ownership

A simple technique to turn off file ownership, which can solve problems with direct-attached hard drives on Mac systems. Continue reading

FCP X: Advanced Trouble-Shooting

Lots of details tips and techniques to keep your Final Cut Pro X editing system running at peak performance. Continue reading

FCP X: Move Events or Projects

A step-by-step guide to moving Final Cut Pro X Events, media and Projects. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CS6: Add GPU Support

A simple workaround to get Premiere Pro CS6 to recognize the graphics card on your Mac. Continue reading

FCP X: Create a New Event (video)

A video tutorial on creating, renaming, moving, and deleting Events using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Sharing Project Files

Here’s a simple way to share the same FCP X project files between editors. Continue reading

FCP X: New Performance Tips

Here are a variety of ways to improve FCP X performance and stability. Continue reading

FCP X: Avoid Lion Slowdowns

William Hohauser contributes an article solving sluggish FCP X performance in Lion. Continue reading

FCP X: Manage Events and Projects

This article explains how Final Cut Pro X handles Events and Projects. It explains where they are stored and how you can make them active, or inactive. Continue reading

Using the Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor in OS X is one of those unsung utilities that I find indispensable. It allows you to look inside five key areas of your computer to tell you what’s going on. Best of all, you can’t hurt anything using it – because its simply a monitor. Continue reading

More Render Space Needed

Are you getting the “render error: insufficient disk space” message? You just need to create more free space on your hard disk by deleting files you don’t need. Continue reading

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