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Motion 5.x: Add the Illusion of Depth [video]

Larry Jordan shows how to use Apple Motion 5.x to add the illusion of depth by rotating images in 3D space, without adding cameras or even switching into 3D space itself. This is a very easy technique to add a dynamic look to info graphics or opening titles. Continue reading

Motion 5.x: Add Soft-Focus Depth-of-Field [video]

A short video tutorial illustrating how to add soft focus depth-of-field to a 3D camera in Apple Motion 5.x. Continue reading

Motion 5.x: Add a Light in 3D [video]

A short video tutorial illustrating how to add, modify and animate a 3D light in Motion 5.x. Continue reading

FCP X 10.1: Create Freeze Frames

A detailed tutorial on how to create Hold frames and freeze frames during video editing in Final Cut Pro X 10.1.x. Continue reading

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

A summary of the latest updates to Apple Final Cut Pro X (10.1.2), Motion (5.1.1) and Compressor (4.1.2) Continue reading

Motion: Animate a Dotted Line [video]

In this short video tutorial, watch as Larry Jordan shows how to create and animate a dotted line in Motion 5. This is the perfect technique to use to illustrate a path across a map. Continue reading

Motion: Export For Premiere Pro CC [video]

Motion 5 can create visually stunning motion graphics for Final Cut or any other video editing software. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to export a Motion project to use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Motion: The Motion Simulators [video]

Motion Simulators create very cool effects – and they are also very well hidden. In this short video tutorial, watch Larry Jordan explain what they are and show you some of the effects they can create. Continue reading

Motion 5: Text on a Curve

A detailed tutorial on how to animate text along a curve, also called text on a path, using Motion 5. This isn’t obvious, but it isn’t hard, once you know how. Continue reading

Motion 5: Flow Text Around an Object

A detailed explanation of how to get text to flow around a shape using Motion 5. Continue reading

Motion 5: Publish Effects Settings to Final Cut Pro X [Video]

“Publishing” allows you to send Motion effects settings to Final Cut Pro X so that you can adjust a Motion template inside Final Cut. Sounds complex, but it isn’t, as this short video tutorial explains. Continue reading

Motion 5: Convert Motion Project for FCP X [Video]

Final Cut Pro X can’t open Motion projects directly. But, using Motion 5, you can convert any existing Motion project so it will open and play in Final Cut Pro X. This short video tutorial explains how. Continue reading

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