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The Basics of Media Management

An overview of media management for audio or video editing, on either Final Cut or Premiere Pro, for either Mac or Windows. Continue reading

Adobe Media Encoder 7.1: Add Watermark

A step-by-step tutorial to adding a watermark inside Adobe Media Encoder 7.1 or later. Continue reading

FCP X: Import Caution

A caution to check preference settings before importing clips into Final Cut Pro X, with an explanation of why this is important. Continue reading

Color Correction: Make People Look Normal

A detailed explanation of how to use the video scopes to make skin tones look normal for a variety of ethnic skin types. These techniques apply to Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro CC and CS6, as well as other video editing software. Continue reading

QuickTime Player 7 Pro: Merge Files

A step-by-step tutorial on how to merge separate audio and video files using QuickTime Player 7 Pro. Continue reading

Product Review: Final Cut Library Manager

A detailed review of “Final Cut Library Manager” from Arctic Whiteness. Continue reading

FCP X: Find Clips FASTER!

A step-by-step technique showing a faster way to find clips using the Find Filter box in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Know What You’re Editing

An explanation of how to determine what media you are editing in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Separate Audio Channels

A step-by-step tutorial illustrating how to separate a stereo audio clip into two mono channels for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

FCP X v.10.1: Set Performance Preferences

Show how, where, and why to set performance and media preferences in Final Cut Pro X, v.10.1. Continue reading

FCP X v.10.1: Media Management Collection

A collection of in-depth articles covering media management in the 10.1 update to Final Cut Pro X. This collection makes finding the information you need quick and easy. Continue reading

FCP X: Find Media Using Keywords

A step-by-step guide to assigning, modifying, and searching on keywords in Final Cut Pro X. This tutorial applies to all versions of Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

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