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Save My LiveType

A quick question about preserving LiveType settings when upgrading to Final Cut Pro 7 is asked and easily answered. Continue reading

Roll Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Final Cut has always allowed keyboard customization. This article shows some new “almost-secret” techniques buried in OS X that allow you to create customized keyboard shortcuts in ANY application. Continue reading

Exporting A Final Cut Pro HD Sequence to LiveType

Michael Murray wrote in with a question about how to export a Final Cut Pro HD sequence for use in LiveType; which led me to think about one of the truly time-saving features of FCP HD — round-tripping. Continue reading

How to Create and Position Keyframes in Livetype

While most of LiveType’s effects and animation don’t require keyframes, LiveType has a powerful keyframe system hidden deep inside. This article shows you how to create and use keyframes inside LiveType to create some great looking effects. Continue reading

Fancy LiveType Tricks

If you haven’t worked with LiveType you are missing a treat. This article shows you how to take LiveType past bouncing TV sets and sunflower characters into creating some amazing animated text effects. Continue reading

Scrolling Text in LiveType

Creating scrolling text in Final Cut is awkward at best. Here’s a much more flexible way to create scrolling text in LiveType that allows multiple font sizes, colors and, gasp, a pause at the end! Continue reading

Commentary: A Love Letter to LiveType

With the release of Final Cut Studio (3), Apple signaled that LiveType was not long for this world by no longer bundling it with the suite of software. However, FCP 7 still supports LiveType files. This is a shame, as I truly like working with LiveType. This article details what makes LiveType fun to use, and features in Motion that would help us make the transition. Continue reading

Moving Files between Final Cut Pro 5 and LiveType

In researching my up-coming seminar series, I was studying LiveType and discovered two ideas which I want to share with you. Continue reading

Setting LiveType for 16:9 NTSC or PAL Projects

When it comes to creating 16:9 projects in LiveType, the process is not intuitive. However, after you read this, whether you need 16:9 in PAL or NTSC, it will be a piece of cake. Continue reading

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