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FCP X: Display Log C Files as Rec. 709.

A discussion and step-by-step example of what Log C files are and how to change their look, quickly and easily, to Rec. 709 in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Mask and Track [video]

A short video tutorial illustrating how to use the new “Mask and Track” feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014) to mask someone’s identity. Continue reading

FCP X (10.1.2): New Keyframe Behavior [u]

A detailed look at the new keyframe behavior in Final Cut Pro X v.10.1.2; illustrated by creating a move on a still image. Continue reading

FCP X: Those Strange Yellow Dots

An explanation of the “strange yellow dots” that appear in certain selected transitions inside Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Motion: Animate a Dotted Line [video]

In this short video tutorial, watch as Larry Jordan shows how to create and animate a dotted line in Motion 5. This is the perfect technique to use to illustrate a path across a map. Continue reading

Motion: Export For Premiere Pro CC [video]

Motion 5 can create visually stunning motion graphics for Final Cut or any other video editing software. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to export a Motion project to use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Motion: The Motion Simulators [video]

Motion Simulators create very cool effects – and they are also very well hidden. In this short video tutorial, watch Larry Jordan explain what they are and show you some of the effects they can create. Continue reading

FCP X: Opacity vs. Blend Modes

A short video tutorial illustrating the differences between opacity and blend modes. This also provides examples of the different blend mode categories and shows how to add texture to text. Continue reading

FCP X: Enhance Landscape Shots [Video]

A short video tutorial on creating a “grad filter” effect using gradients and blend modes inside Final Cut Pro X to enhance landscapes and other outdoor shots. Continue reading

FCP X: Video In Video Effect [Video]

A short video tutorial on how to put video inside a shape, then place that effect on top of other video, using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Import Layered PSD Files [Video]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains the different options for importing layered Photoshop graphics into Premiere Pro CC, and helps you decide which to choose for your projects. Continue reading

Make Your Actors Look Beautiful [Video]

A tutorial on how to use the Tiffen dFX visual effects filters. Continue reading

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