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Craft Skills: Edit a Video Montage

Explaining the craft of editing – how to edit a video montage set to music. Watch Larry Jordan show how and why he edits specific shots into a project to tell a story. (These techniques apply to any editing software on any platform.) Continue reading

Why Should Final Cut Pro 7 Editors Consider Final Cut Pro X?

A detailed comparison between Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Why Should Final Cut Pro 7 Editors Consider Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

A detailed comparison between Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Tips to Pick the Best Fonts for Video [Video]

This short video tutorial illustrates which fonts are best for video and which ones should be avoided. These “rules” apply to all video projects in all NLEs, on both Mac and Windows systems. Continue reading

Tips to Make Your Text Look GREAT!

Examples and guidelines for using fonts and typefaces effectively in film and video projects. Applies to all non-linear editing software. Continue reading

The Basics of Media Management

An overview of media management for audio or video editing, on either Final Cut or Premiere Pro, for either Mac or Windows. Continue reading

Color Correction: Make People Look Normal

A detailed explanation of how to use the video scopes to make skin tones look normal for a variety of ethnic skin types. These techniques apply to Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro CC and CS6, as well as other video editing software. Continue reading

FCP 7: Fixing Merged Clips

A simple step-by-step technique to correct problems with merged clips in Final Cut Pro 7 due to inaccurate frame rates, aspect ratios, or image size. Continue reading

The Three Formats of Filmmaking

Use this “Three Codec” method to shoot and edit video to improve speed and image quality. Continue reading

Video Scopes: Gray-Scale Levels Explained (Video)

A short video tutorial defining the differences in video gray-scale levels. Continue reading

QuickTime 7 Pro: Image Sequences

A step-by-step tutorial on converting time-lapse images into a movie using QuickTime Player 7. Continue reading

Trouble-Shoot in Five Steps

A series of Macintosh trouble-shooting procedures for the video editor> Safe Boot, Create New User, and Trash Preferences. Continue reading

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