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The Basics of Media Management

An overview of media management for audio or video editing, on either Final Cut or Premiere Pro, for either Mac or Windows. Continue reading

Buzz At The 2014 NAB Show: Gear

A detailed description of the hardware and software (gear) that the Digital Production Buzz is using to cover the 2014 NAB Show. Continue reading

Product Review: SonicFire Plug-in for FCP X

A detailed review of the new music plug-in from Smartsound that connects with either Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

FCP X: Find Clips FASTER!

A step-by-step technique showing a faster way to find clips using the Find Filter box in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Know What You’re Editing

An explanation of how to determine what media you are editing in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Separate Audio Channels

A step-by-step tutorial illustrating how to separate a stereo audio clip into two mono channels for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro: Audio Track Types

A tutorial on the new audio track types in Adobe Premiere Pro CC; why they are there, how to configure them, and how to use them in your video edit. Continue reading

FCP X: Find Media Using Keywords

A step-by-step guide to assigning, modifying, and searching on keywords in Final Cut Pro X. This tutorial applies to all versions of Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

First Look: Pond5 Extension for Premiere Pro

A first-look at a new Adobe Premier Pro CC extension from Pond5 that simplifies finding, editing and conforming stock footage — all inside Premiere itself. Continue reading

FCP X: Trim Connected Clips

A step-by-step tutorial on how to trim connected clips, then how and why to convert them to a connected storyline for trimming in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Audition CC: Create Busses and Stems

A step-by-step tutorial on creating busses and sub-mixes for use in audio mixing a video project, using Adobe Audition CC. Continue reading

Product Review: Promise Pegasus2 RAID

An in-depth look at the Promise Technology Pegasus2 Thunderbolt RAID, from the perspective of video editing. Continue reading

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