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Product Demo: Pond5 Extension for Premiere

An extension takes the Premiere interface places it has never gone before. The Pond5 extension allows you to search, browse and download royalty-free clips directly inside Premiere; as Larry Jordan shows in this video demo. Continue reading

FCP X: Sync Double-System Sound

A short video tutorial, hosted by Larry Jordan, explaining what double-system sound is, why we use it, and how to sync the audio with the video using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Using Roles [video]

A short video tutorial, hosted by Larry Jordan, explaining what Roles are in Final Cut Pro X and how to use them. Continue reading

FCP X: Add and Modify Audio Keyframes [video]

A short video tutorial, presented by Larry Jordan, on how to add, modify and delete audio keyframes. This also shows how to access and use the Audio Animation Editor and reference audio waveforms. Continue reading

FCP X: Manage Media Using Ratings

A step-by-step illustrated article explaining what Ratings are in Final Cut Pro X and how to use them. (Also includes references to using keywords.) Continue reading

FCP X: Create Subclips Using Keywords

A step-by-step illustrated article describing how to create and use keyword ranges, along with links to other articles on keywords in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Collaboration Between Two Editors

An example of how to share logging data between two editors using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Pick The Right Version of ProRes

An explanation of how to choose the right version of ProRes for your project. Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Improved Search [video]

This short video tutorial highlights the new improved search features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Continue reading

Send Files from Adobe Prelude to Adobe Premiere [video]

This short video tutorial illustrates how to send files from Adobe Prelude CC to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It also explains when to use Send and when to use Export. Continue reading

Adobe Updates Its Video Applications

Today, Adobe updated all their audio and video applications to v2014.2. Here are the details. Continue reading

FCP X: Change an Edited Multicam

A simple, but not-obvious, technique that allows you to modify an existing multicam clip in Final Cut Pro X without losing any edits. Continue reading

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