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Adobe Encore: Create Stories (Chapter Playlists) [Video]

Chapter Playlists, also called “stories,” are very useful when creating training using optical media like DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. This short video tutorial shows how to create them using Adobe Encore CS6. Continue reading

Adobe Encore: Change Chapter Marker Poster Frames [Video]

A short video tutorial on how to change the poster frame associated with a DVD or Blu-ray Disc chapter marker using Adobe Encore. Continue reading

Two Quick DVD Burning Tips

Two quick DVD burning tips when using Apple Compressor 4.1. Continue reading

Convert High Definition to Standard Definition Video

A step-by-step tutorial on converting frame sizes and frame rates from HD to SD video using Compressor. Continue reading

Adobe Encore: Link Menus & Tracks (video)

A short video tutorial showing how to link buttons, chapter markers, menus and tracks in Adobe Encore CS6. Continue reading

FCP X: Create Chapter Markers

Here’s a short step-by-step tutorial that shows how to create chapter markers in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Setting a Dual-Layer DVD Break Point

Dual Layer break points are determined by where the VTS segments are located, not just which is the longest, or most logical, clip within which to place a break point.
Continue reading

Getting a DVD to Loop

Larry walks you through looping a DVD, along with reader feedback on how to those loops seamless. Continue reading

Changing The Name of a DVD Created With a Compressor Template

David Scott was having a problem creating a DVD using a Compressor Template. Until he solved it. Here’s what he did. Continue reading

Working With Blu-Ray Discs on a Mac Pro

If Blu-ray Discs are in your future as a Mac Pro user, you need to read this report from Michael Powles on installing a Blu-ray burner in a Mac. Continue reading

FCP 7: Compression and DVD and High-Def

In this article, Larry Jordan answers a question about when to convert HD files to SD for editing in Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier. Continue reading

H.264 Vs. X.264

H.264 and X.264 are two different development projects that result in two different codecs that both do the same thing: create H.264-compliant files. Continue reading

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