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DVD Studio Pro: Creating Stories

Stories are a very powerful technical feature in DVD Studio Pro that allows you to alter the normal flow of your movies. This article shows you how. Continue reading

Compressor 4: Create Chapter Markers

Here’s a step-by-step technique that shows you how to create chapter markers manually or automatically in Compressor. Continue reading

Getting a DVD to Loop

Larry walks you through looping a DVD, along with reader feedback on how to those loops seamless. Continue reading

Compressing In DVD Studio Pro

When importing a video into DVD Studio Pro, if you encode at the end of the project, your assets are not converted to MPEG until you start to build the project. Continue reading

Adding Video to a DVD Studio Pro Menu

DVD SP contains drop zones, which you can use to add video or images to a menu. Here’s how. Continue reading

DVD Playback

There’s been some debate about authoring NTSC DVDs in DVD Studio Pro (with having all of the region codes selected) and their playback in PAL countries. Continue reading

DVD Studio Pro: Creating A Button Overlay

Here is an explanation of how to create a highlight overlay menu in Photoshop when creating menus for DVD Studio Pro. Continue reading

Sizing Still Images in DVD Studio Pro

When placing still images in DVD Studio Pro, a PNG will be autosized to fit, while a TIFF won’t. This article explains more. Continue reading

Accelerating Manual Advance in DVD Slideshows

Here is an easy trick from Loren Miller to accelerate the manual advance of slideshows in DVD Studio Pro by resetting the duration of all slides. Continue reading

Roll Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Final Cut has always allowed keyboard customization. This article shows some new “almost-secret” techniques buried in OS X that allow you to create customized keyboard shortcuts in ANY application. Continue reading

Changing Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

The article describes how to view and change subtitles in DVD Studio Pro. Continue reading

Creating a Stills Project

Judging by my email, handling still images is by far the most confusing part of editing video — especially because the computer creates images using square pixels and video uses rectangular pixels, in a variety of shapes. This article explains everything you need to know to create great looking still images for your next video project. Continue reading

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