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Buzz At The 2014 NAB Show: Gear

A detailed description of the hardware and software (gear) that the Digital Production Buzz is using to cover the 2014 NAB Show. Continue reading

Compressor 4.1: Add a Watermark

A step-by-step tutorial on how to add a still image, or animated video clip, as a watermark using Apple Compressor 4.1. Continue reading

Adobe Media Encoder 7.1: Add Watermark

A step-by-step tutorial to adding a watermark inside Adobe Media Encoder 7.1 or later. Continue reading

Compressor 4.1: Video Compression Basics (Video)

A short video tutorial explaining the basics of video compression. This tutorial is relevant for any video compression software. Continue reading

New Mac Pro: Adobe Media Encoder vs. Compressor [Updated]

A comparison of Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor running on a new Mac Pro. [Updated] Continue reading

Compressor 4.1: A Tip to Increase Speed

A description of using multiple instances of Compressor and when to use them. Continue reading

Mac Pro vs. iMac: Video Compression

A speed comparison between the iMac and new Mac Pro, testing video compression speeds. The winner may surprise you! Continue reading

Compressor 4.1: Hardware Acceleration

An explanation of hardware acceleration in Compressor 4.1, along with a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Continue reading

Compressor: DVD Compression Settings

How to adjust compression settings for DVD media using Compressor 4.1 or Compressor 4.0. Continue reading

Video Compression: Test Your Settings

An explanation of compression artifacts, and how to create test movies to make sure video images compressed with the best possible quality and smallest file size. Continue reading

Basics of Video Compression [Video]

An illustrated slide show explaining the basics of video compression. Continue reading

Gosh! Compressing WebM Takes FOREVER!

A personal experience trying to compress WebM movies to support FireFox browsers. Continue reading

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