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FCP X: Divide Large Libraries [u]

A detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to divide media from one large library into a series of smaller libraries using Final Cut Pro X; along with a discussion on how to improve performance and reduce storage. Continue reading

FCP X: Library Properties [ video ]

A short video tutorial explaining what the new Library Properties panel does in Final Cut Pro X and how it works. Continue reading

Improve RAID Speed with Partitions

How to improve the speed of a RAID using partitions. Simple, easy, and effective. Continue reading

FCP X 10.1.2: What’s New in Media Management? [u]

A detailed and illustrated guide to the new media management features in Final Cut Pro X v.10.1.2. Continue reading

The Three Formats of Filmmaking

Use this “Three Codec” method to shoot and edit video to improve speed and image quality. Continue reading

Adobe Prelude CC: Ingest a Clip (Video)

A video tutorial showing how to select and ingest tapeless video clips using Adobe Prelude CC. Continue reading

Adobe Prelude CC: Hover Scrub (Video)

This short, step-by-step video tutorial illustrates the new hover-scrub feature in Adobe Prelude CC. Continue reading

Adobe Prelude CC: Send to Premiere (Video)

A detailed video tutorial showing how to send files from Adobe Prelude CC to Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

QuickTime 7 Pro: Image Sequences

A step-by-step tutorial on converting time-lapse images into a movie using QuickTime Player 7. Continue reading

Product Thoughts: Atomos Digital Recorders

A look at new Samurai and NInja digital video recorders from Atomos, and why they are helpful during production. Continue reading

FCP X: Audio Analysis

Final Cut Pro X can automatically analyze your audio. This article explains what it is doing. Continue reading

Adobe Prelude CS6: New Features

Recently, Adobe updated Prelude CS6 to version 1.0.1. This article describes the new features. Continue reading

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