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How We Got Live Video Streaming Working

A detailed account of what we did to enable live video streaming on the web, including what didn’t work. Continue reading

Audio: Mono vs. Stereo Levels

An explanation of why placing mono clips on stereo timelines, or stereo clips on mono timelines creates a significant difference in audio levels. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Record Timeline Voice-Over [video]

In this short video demo, Larry Jordan shows how to setup and record an audio voice over in the Timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Move Audio to Audition [video]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to move audio clips and sequences between Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and Adobe Audition CC 2014. Continue reading

Premiere Pro: Separate Audio Channels [video]

A short video demo by Larry Jordan showing how to separate stereo audio into dual-channel mono, as well as the differences between Extract and Break-Apart clips. Continue reading

FCP X: Export Split Audio Tracks

A step-by-step tutorial suggested by a reader asking how to put all the voice over (vo) audio on one track, while all the rest of the audio is on the right track. Continue reading

Motion: Animate Movement Using Audio

A step-by-step illustrated tutorial showing how to animate an effect in Motion 5 using audio. This also shows how to animate color changes. Continue reading

FCP X: Trim Multi-channel Audio

A step-by-step tutorial on expanding and trimming multi-channel audio in Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

Adobe Audition: Remove Hum

A step-by-step tutorial on how to send a clip from Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition to remove audio hum. Continue reading

FCP X: Sync Double-System Sound

A short video tutorial, hosted by Larry Jordan, explaining what double-system sound is, why we use it, and how to sync the audio with the video using Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading

FCP X: Using Roles [video]

A short video tutorial, hosted by Larry Jordan, explaining what Roles are in Final Cut Pro X and how to use them. Continue reading

FCP X: Add and Modify Audio Keyframes [video]

A short video tutorial, presented by Larry Jordan, on how to add, modify and delete audio keyframes. This also shows how to access and use the Audio Animation Editor and reference audio waveforms. Continue reading

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