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Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Improved Search [video]

This short video tutorial highlights the new improved search features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. Continue reading

Send Files from Adobe Prelude to Adobe Premiere [video]

This short video tutorial illustrates how to send files from Adobe Prelude CC to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It also explains when to use Send and when to use Export. Continue reading

New Features in Adobe Media Encoder CC [video]

This is a short video tutorial highlighting some of the new features in the October and December, 2014, updates to Adobe Media Encoder. Continue reading

What Is H.265?

An overview of HEVC (H.265); the newest compression codec for video. Continue reading

Adobe Audition CC: Noise Reduction (Pt. 2)

A step-by-step tutorial on reducing audio noise using the Noise Reduction filter in Adobe Audition CC. Continue reading

Adobe Audition CC: Reduce Noise (Pt. 1)

A step-by-step tutorial on using Adaptive Noise Reduction techniques to reduce audio noise using Adobe Audition CC. Continue reading

Premiere CC: Two Color Chroma-Key

Create a surprising effect using two different colors in a chroma-key. This is especially useful for props shots on camera. Illustrated using Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Adobe Updates Its Video Applications

Today, Adobe updated all their audio and video applications to v2014.2. Here are the details. Continue reading

Premiere Pro CC: Tips and Techniques

A Q&A with Kevin Monahan, Support Product Manager-DVA at Adobe Systems discussing tips and techniques with Premiere Pro CC. Continue reading

Convert Audio Bit Depth

A step-by-step tutorial on converting audio bit rates, along with the surprise discovery that this process doesn’t work in Apple Compressor 4.1. Continue reading

Video Compression Quick Start Guide

A 14-step Quick Start Guide to Understanding Video Compression. Continue reading

Adobe Releases New Creative Cloud Updates

A news report summarizing Adobe’s new Creative Cloud updates on Oct. 6, 2014. Continue reading

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