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Future Features in Final Cut Pro X

Posted by on April 15, 2012

[ Updated April 18, 2012, to clarify some wording after a second conversation with Apple. ]

I had an on-the-record meeting with Apple this morning in Las Vegas, the day before the start of the 2012 NAB Show — along with a preview of future FCP X features, which I’ll talk about at the end of this blog.

NOTE: We also covered some amazing third-party announcements coming at NAB this year. I’ll have more on that later this week, after the NDA expire at a variety of press conferences later today and tomorrow.


When Apple was preparing to launch FCP X, they told me that the new architecture of the software, combined with the flexibility of the Mac App Store would allow for much more rapid updates to the program. However, while the releases were planned well in advance, there is no significance to the alternation of feature (10.0.1 and 10.0.3) with, essentially, bug fix (10.0.2 and 10.0.4) releases. In other words, don’t read too much into this alternating pattern of features and bug fixes. However, do keep in mind that Apple has updated FCP X four times in less than a year since its initial release.

Apple stressed that FCP X is a long-term project and that they are fully committed to it. (In other words, because I asked, there is not a Final Cut Pro 8 waiting in the wings.) Apple views Final Cut X as the future of video editing.

Also, if you look at the features Apple has added since FCP X first released, Apple has almost exclusively focused on adding features for the professional market: Roles, Multicam, broadcast monitoring, etc.

I asked what the benefits were to using the Mac App Store for distribution of updates, and was told that the biggest benefit was that the Mac App Store license allows Apple to deliver both bug fixes and feature updates, unlike Software Update.

NOTE: The benefits of using the Mac App Store for updates to video editors are something I want to learn more about in a future conversation with Apple. I’ll have more to share with you then.

Apple also highlighted the workflow at Leverage which uses FCP X.

* The show shoots on RED in Portland, Oregon.
* Ships hard disks down to LA for editing.
* RED files are transcoded to ProRes Proxy for editing.
* The show is edited in FCP X
* X2Pro (from Marquis Broadcast) converts the files to ProTools for audio sweetening.
* XML exports from FCP X are sent to DaVinci Resolve for color grading
* Final conforming of audio and video is done in FCP X
* Final delivery is a ProRes file.

Apple also said the 10.0.4 update significantly improved broadcast monitoring performance, so they have removed the term “beta” when describing it. I specifically asked if 10.0.4 now has sufficient performance to support multicam monitoring and Apple said “Yes.”


Then, Apple shared their plans for Final Cut Pro X features coming later this year (2012). Apple began providing “advanced looks” as part of the roll-out to the launch of FCP X and wanted to continue letting us know what’s coming. (I think this is a great idea, because it helps us plan.)

Here are the bullet points (none of this was demoed):

  • Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
  • Dual Viewers
  • MXF Plug-in Support
  • RED camera support

Audio mixing in FCP X is still weak. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new tools provide.

Dual Viewers is analogous to Source and Record monitors; though Apple stressed that when they implement a feature they try to do it better than it has been done before. A good example of this is their recent multicam addition. This feature would allow us to easily compare two clips.

FCP X has been able to read MXF files (think XDCAM EX), but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. In the past, it needed to convert MXF to QuickTime. In the future, FCP X won’t need to make this conversion. Apple was quick to stress that this was not a move away from QuickTime, instead it was adding support for a common video format.

While Apple did not provide any details, I interpret “RED camera support” to mean that we would be able to edit R3D files natively, as opposed to editing R3D files as QuickTime proxies.

I asked when Apple would support retaining In and Out (Start / End) markers in clips in the Event Browser. They refused to comment, but stressed that while these were the four features they were announcing, these four would not be the only features released. Retaining Ins and Outs on clips is SO useful, I will continue to bang the drum for Apple to add these.

I asked if Apple would commit to WHEN these features would be available? They politely declined to speculate. (Sigh…)


It was an interesting meeting. Apple clearly wants it known that FCP X should be considered a professional application, that development is on-going, and that they are listening to comments from users.

I tried to get them to provide hints on upcoming hardware, but no hints were provided.

I also got a sense they are working on another application to join FCP X, Motion, and Compressor. (There are several that would be very useful, we shall have to see what develops. I don’t expect anything announced immediately.)

All-in-all, it is always fun to meet the FCP X team and get a sense of what’s coming. And I wanted to share what I learned with you.


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  1. Marcus Moore Apr 15, 2012 15:40

    Thanks so much for the update, Larry. I’ve always felt confident that Apple’s intentions have been (and continue to be) misread, even if it was mostly their own fault…

    It’s a VERY un-Apple thing to pre-announce enhancements of any kind to any of their products, so I see this a a backwards acknowledgement of last year’s unfortunate FCPX launch- and an honest outreach to make sure that people know that they’re still invested in post software in a very real way.

    With 10.0.4’s performance and broadcast monitoring enhancements, I’m starting my migration to FCPX.

    Most of all, I’m glad that Apple acknowledged the importance of NAB, and didn’t sit it out on the sidelines while everyone announced new products.

  2. Tom Daigon Apr 15, 2012 15:48

    Apple….to little, to late. Professionals are moving on to other platforms and software. Bye bye.

  3. Craig Seeman Apr 15, 2012 15:52

    “I also got a sense they are working on another application to join FCP X, Motion, and Compressor.”

    Does Logic Pro X count?
    I know you can’t answer that since they didn’t give direct info . . . unless you know for sure that it’s something in addition to that.

    “FCP X has been able to read MXF files (think XDCAM EX), but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. In the past, it needed to convert MXF to QuickTime.”

    “Dual Viewers is analogous to Source and Record monitors; though Apple stressed that when they implement a feature they try to do it better than it has been done before. A good example of this is their recent multicam addition.”

    I guessed that when I saw multicam. The pieces are in place for dual viewing and ganging. My guess is the one big difference is that it will be contextual in some form rather than always on.

    Hmm, XDCAM EX is MPEG2 in .mp4 wrapper in BPAV folder but I get the point and maybe they do mean XDCAM .mxf as well. I understand Sony will have a plugin for direct support in FCPX in the next week or so. I’m not sure if it’ll be doing a rewrap or something more like Cinemon.

  4. Marcus Moore Apr 15, 2012 15:55

    No, Tom. YOU’RE moving on. I’m pro and I’m sticking around.

  5. Craig Seeman Apr 15, 2012 15:55

    Tom Daigon, that’s why there were standing room only crowds at the FCPX presentations at NAB from what I understand. It’s not like NLEs cost $70k anymore. If there’s a good ROI on FCPX, you’ll find some facilities moving to it. There already are. I know of others besides Apple’s highlighed “in action” area of their website.

  6. Craig Seeman Apr 15, 2012 15:58

    Marcus, I think Apple’s behavior acknowledges how big the mistake was on the marketing side. It’ll be interesting if they make any hint of these features to come on their own site. The fact that Larry can talk about this rather than under NDA is, in itself, big news.

  7. Bret Primack Apr 15, 2012 16:07

    The only constant is change.

  8. Eric Emerick Apr 15, 2012 16:14

    I just hope they realize how important the MacPro is to this market. It is true reality distortion to say on one hand that they’re committed to pro’s with FCPX and then cripple those same pro’s with iMac’s. High end graphic cards are very important to us and the inability to use them may be a deal breaker.

  9. Marcus Moore Apr 15, 2012 16:19

    @ Craig … agreed. I think it was ENTIRELY a marketing mistake. An open timeline for the inclusion of features some workflows need is important to help those people make decisions. Unfortunately, without that information, the decision some made was to move to another platform. I won’t begrudge those people doing what they need to do for their business.

    But I think beyond a roadmap, a number of sessions at last year’s NAB, demoing FCPX workflow would have done a lot to stem the growing discontent that filled the vacuum of information between the NAB preview and FCPX’s launch June 21st. And really, what was gained? There were no huge surprises beyond what was demoed.

    By getting the user base to buy into the idea of FCPX as a future product, something some could use right away, and others could tinker with- could have made it more exciting than frightening.

    Larry’s not the only one who get’s a meeting with Apple- Scott Simmons will be meeting with Apple later today, and I look forward to his take on this.

  10. Tom Daigon Apr 15, 2012 16:21

    Hey guys, if it works for you thats all that counts. It doesn’t for me and many others. Viva la difference!

  11. Floris Apr 15, 2012 16:23

    And they will come back if FCPX is leading again. I still think it is the best editor out there. It needs to improve in sharing with other apps and workflows.

  12. Russ Bradbury Apr 15, 2012 16:33

    It is a shame you feel that way.
    There appears to be an increasingly enthusiastic attitude towards Final Cut 10. There are “rumours” going around that it is actually quite “feature rich” if you decide to lay down your prejudices and give-it-a-go.
    There is NO piece of software which I have found to be perfect.
    It is time to move forwards on this one, and I am glad for this positive talk from Apple. This encourages high levels of “competition” amongst the software vendors which ultimately is good for all of us in the long run.

  13. Russ Bradbury Apr 15, 2012 16:50

    I tend to agree with you to some extent. At work two of my machines are Mac Pros and I am writing this on my Mac Pro at home. Also I use a bunch of 27inch iMacs, and am getting quite fond of those, looking forward to the imminent refresh of the iMac range. Strategically if Apple do-decide to let the Mac Pro range go then I firmly believe they should do the decent thing and cut a deal with say HP and license OSX to them. I use the HP Z400/800 range machines quite a lot and they are quite a decent build standard.

    So HP could do some re-engineering/do a build of OSX/Apple get their licensing fees and quality standards are upheld..I suspect Apple would not do this as this would dent their “iMac market” so they should do the decent thing and do a new build for the Mac Pro, then Thunderbolt will develop to where-it-should-be for future iMac releases. Then they could phase out the Mac Pros after this “hoped-for” refresh.

    I do suspect Tim Cook has a more pragmatic attitude though being originally from the Mac computer division. So lets all keep hoping!

  14. Marcus Moore Apr 15, 2012 16:53

    With all the announcements this year from AVID, Adobe, Autodesk… I wonder if Apple isn’t playing a very cagey “end run” play around the other NLEs.

    The announcement from others all seem to be based around bolting more functionality onto their existing platforms. FCPX seems to be the antithesis of that. With FCPX, Apple seem to decide that it was time to hit the “reset” button. FCPX audaciously asks, “can editing be easier”? Of course, that’s a serious problem for those who have years, or even decades invested in the current paradigm- to them, it IS editing, and the lack of very specific ways to do very specific things has meant “pass” from a group of people who either didn’t think editing could be better, or didn’t want to try. But for those just starting out, who’s first NLE will be FCPX, it could be a HUGE advantage.

    We’re way to early into this to tell. But I (and it seems Apple) are not bull headed enough to ignore the idea that not every new UI paradigm that FCPX proposes will work out exactly as they planned. Maybe we do need a source monitor back. Maybe we do need track (I don’t think so). But Even if only 50% of FCPX proposes turns into positive workflow enhancement, then it was a worthwhile experiment from my perspective.

  15. Tom Daigon Apr 15, 2012 17:03

    Most of my work utilizes AE for motion graphics. Dynamic link between PrP CS6 and AE is steller. Cant really see any reason to use any other software.
    Adobe is a positive experience for me all around. I like my dialogs with them and how they implement suggestions. I dont like Apples way of dealing with editors.Use what you choose :D

  16. Larry Apr 15, 2012 17:15


    I agree this is a personal choice. I respect your decision. Your job is to earn a living — you should pick the tool that works the best to help you meet that goal.


  17. Markus Apr 15, 2012 17:46

    I do like FCP X a lot. It will, however, still take time, until it can be used in a high-stress environment. I know, certain companies are using it, but that doesn’t mean it will work for any company any time soon.

    For me it’s mostly little things.
    Please give us
    - “retainable Ins and Outs” in the browser
    - “selective pasting of attributes” without erasing everything that’s been on the target clip before.
    - I’d like to have the ability to match-frame from a multi-cam segment back to the original clip (with ins and outs!) – to connect that part of the original clip to the multi-cam clip in my project in order to stabilize it for example (since stabilizing a full 10 minute long recording with changing camera angles doesn’t work…) – The list goes on an on.

    The old FCP had a lot of these “little” things that helped us save a ton of time. I have yet to see the same commitment in FCP X.

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  19. Ahmadallah Hemid Apr 15, 2012 17:58

    Thanks sir.Larry for the update. this is a reassuring news. I wish Apple could add a button to click on the color correction panel in FCPX to open a full interface for a program like color or Resolve without round tripping with xml or any, just do the correction and come back to FCPX interface with another click. “just a wish i dream of seeing it in the future” :)

  20. Ian Stubbs Apr 15, 2012 18:02

    Thanks for taking the time to pass this on Larry. Personally I am hoping that the audio enhancements will include the ability to be able to mix down all of the audio tracks in a multicam clip at the end of a picture edit. Like you I am looking forward to seeing how they will implement audio mixing in general. It’s great to see Apple listening to us and, since they are, I’d like a updated Mac Pro in the near future please! ;) Oh, and non-reflective screens would be great too! As Eric says, pro level software needs pro level hardware.

  21. Al Davis Apr 15, 2012 18:21

    Sometimes I wonder what all the fuss is about with shifting editors. I haven’t budged from FCP 7. That’s where I earn my money; and have the greatest creative ease. It’s not like 7 has gotten worse or fallen behind.
    I will continue to do pro-bono work, and small projects in X and watch the progress. Not a big deal really.

  22. Hugues Tremblay Apr 15, 2012 18:33

    This little letter to tell you a good news: I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card to monitor and capture my images. Since the 10.0.4 version of Final Cut X and the Blackmagic update: Desktop Video 9.2.1, the monitoring is very good and for me, it is the key to transfer all my works in Final Cut X. I want to share that good news with you because you can easily share with others editors and sure to be glad to hear about this new situation.
    Best regards

    Hugues Tremblay/ Les Productions Hugues Warren

  23. Mike Holifield Apr 15, 2012 18:38


    The two things I would like considered.

    1) Directly working with AVCHD, instead of having to use intermediate codecs. If the program can export as h.264 files, why does it have so much problems importing them if you save them to your hard drive (.mts)

    2) File organization. Why not provide better support and access to files the program is using (such as unused render files and the choice of making all media accessible at all times). I know there are some apps that do this, but why not have it integrated, instead of having to “buy more and more”.

  24. Brad Hagen Apr 15, 2012 18:39

    Thanks for the scoop Larry! I look forward to getting my hands on this release – especially love idea of true R3D support.

  25. A. Petrov Apr 15, 2012 18:53

    Now that they have the big problems solved like vanishing titles, i would to see them would turn some attention on improving many of those titles. Too much of the stuff they have for titles are items that you use in a vacation video or a kids school project, but are not professional looking. Most of them offer too little flexibility in size of bars etc. You have things like upper or lower that don’t even provide for putting a sold color behind the type. Maybe they are leaving this stuff up to third parties, but after purchasing a couple of packages, I don’t find much flexibility yet with these offerings.

  26. Jay Schlock Apr 15, 2012 19:24

    Ugh, at this rate Apple may be able to tack the pro label back on final cut in what? three years maybe? Every update I get sad when see what still has not been added for the pro’s.

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  29. Kirk Lohse Apr 15, 2012 20:18

    Great news Larry, thanks for all your dogged reporting efforts on our behalf!

    It’s exciting to see FCPX continuing to grow and develop!

  30. Andy Apr 15, 2012 21:08

    Hi Larry

    Thanks for the scoop .. certainly more than a little interesting to see a road map from Apple regarding FCP X at this time. Very promising move on their part.

    Regarding MXF support :
    “FCP X has been able to read MXF files (think XDCAM EX), but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. In the past, it needed to convert MXF to QuickTime.”

    As per Craig’s note, MXF is a “wrapper” (or container) format rather than a codec in itself. Sony’s XDCAM EX cameras record images using an MPEG HD codec variant, and that “essence” is actually wrapped in camera in the MP4 format, not MXF, but certainly some of Sony’s other XDCAM cameras do use the MXF wrapper in camera, for example their XDCAM HD camera series (F350, F700, F800 etc which record to the XDCAM HD optical disc media) but again, these cameras are recoding using an MPEG HD codec variant … only the file wrapper, used to hold the essence, is MXF.

    FCP (1-X) has never been able to natively work with files contained in an MXF wrapper (and needless to say, such support has long been a feature request), however what we do/have had is native support for the contained essence, that is FCP understands the native codec, it just doesn’t understand the container .. so the workflow then is to “rewrap” the essence. Note that nothing is actually being converted in this workflow per se.

    All that nit picking aside tho … if Apple are working to natively support media files held in the increasingly standard MXF wrapper format (rather than requiring us to use 3rd party translation components if we need such native support) then this is a significant step forward for FCP X. Bring it on :-)

    Again, thanks for the write up

  31. Larry Apr 15, 2012 21:30


    Give us a list of what you’d like to see?


  32. Strypes Apr 15, 2012 21:32

    Very interested in seeing how the dual viewer will turn out. Huge move.

    Aside from the points mentioned, FCP X is not useable on a Wacom tablet. When you use the Skimmer with the tablet, the pen is literally floating on air. This makes it extremely imprecise.

  33. Larry Apr 15, 2012 21:34


    My language was imprecise. Apple told me they would be supporting the MXF wrapper.


  34. Philip Apr 15, 2012 22:45

    Given how fast FCS moved, with major advances every 18 months, it’s disappointing to see how slow FCPX movement seems to be. A year in, and there’s still nothing here that could possibly convince me to migrate from FCP7, or prevent me switching to Avid in due course. Any resistance I have to FCPX is not resistance to change – heaven knows, I’ve used about twenty different software platforms in my career – it’s little things like that damn ‘Send to CNN iReport’ menu item that was just such a stupid decision by Apple. It just makes it look like a toy.

  35. Anthony Dalesandro Apr 15, 2012 23:16

    The reason FCP X does not retain In and Out points is because there are none. Next time ask them to retain the Start and End points and maybe they’ll do it!

  36. Craig Seeman Apr 15, 2012 23:52

    Philip, I (and others) feel FCPX development is moving very fast especially compared to FCS. It’s not at feature parity (or equivalency) but it’s certainly a professional NLE as shows in Apple’s FCP In Action site. It’s being used in broadcast environments. I know of other facilities that have or are in the process of moving to it.

    I doubt people are avoiding it because of the CNN iReport feature. Unfortunately CNN did recently lay off a bunch of staff . . . because they decided to depend more on CNN iReport (not that FCPX had anything to do with that). I can say personally that iMovie Import has helped me with a couple of clients who started jobs in iMovie and found they needed to hire a professional editor to edit for their online marketing.

  37. Marcus Moore Apr 15, 2012 23:57

    Philip. They key advances in FCPXs core foundation are already there, and have been from the beginning. Either the ideas of a metadata based file management system, or a magnetic/connected timeline is something you’re willing to put the time into investigating or it’s not. Apple can spend the next year getting FCPX back to “feature parity” with FCP7, but all those improvements will mean nothing if you’re not onboard with those core ideals. I’ll eat my hat if FCPX goes back to bins and tracks.

    As for your problems with CNN iReport, or I’d assume import from iMovie; one person’s useless feature is another man’s bread and butter. I’m trying hard to understand why it offends you so much that Apple has made an application that can appeal to an ever expanding set of workflows, from the dreaded “prosumer” moniker, to broadcast and feature work. Is not using the tools you don’t need that much of an inconvenience? Does if offend thine eye so much?

  38. Andrew Richards Apr 16, 2012 00:09


    Seriously? Two major feature updates in ten months (it won’t be a year till June 21st) is a slow pace of development? OK……

    If you’re going Avid, now is the time. Crossgrades from FCP7 to Symphony are only $999 (normally $5,999) till June 15th.

  39. Bill Marsh Apr 16, 2012 02:01

    The Marketing department of Apple may have decided it sounds groovy to say Apple has “professional” editing software, but the Finance department clearly overrules the allocation of Apple resources to a market smaller than one week of iPhone sales.

    In depth and breadth of linked applications, Adobe is clearly dedicated to visual creators, demonstrated by the example of its CS6 evolutions.

    Apple is a deep and wide consumer electronics company, demonstrated by its its iPhone, iPad, iPod.

  40. Andy Field Apr 16, 2012 03:07

    Larry re: multichannel audio. Does that mean a real time mixer that records editable key frames?

  41. hank Apr 16, 2012 03:40

    Do any commenters actually work in a professional post production environment? Final Cut X is dead in the water. I know of no post professionals in New York or Los Angeles who has chose to or plans on choosing Final Cut X as their editor of choice. Quite frankly, no one’s going to use it. Tom Daigon is spot on, whether you like it or not. There are three camps right now: Those who are continuing to use FCP7 and bemoaning the fact that it is EOL and those struggling to try and make Premiere work in a broadcast environment where HDCAM delivery is crucial. Then there are those using Avid.

  42. Paul Russell Apr 16, 2012 03:43

    Brilliant article. I’m convinced that I should switch to fcpx after all, as it should, at some undefined point in the future, be able to do what fcp7, cs5.5 and avid do just now. In and out edit points? What ever happened to the new paradigm? In and out points, thats like so linear editing man.
    Nobody uses in and out points any more, just like nobody uses tape anymore… Just get used to it: Apple make ipads and iphones now. Everything else is second or third or forth fiddle. CS5.5 is very much a faster horse scenario, but then it’s my money, which i can only earn by being able to satisfy my clients today (dinosaurs that they are giving me tapes with log sheets) thanks Apple. The iphone is great, and old fcp and i had some good times and did some good work. Maybe you’ll learn from the fcpx launch experience, but i feel its too little too late. A year down the line folk no longer talk about what they are going to edit on after fcp7, they are already editing on it.

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  45. adam Apr 16, 2012 07:04

    Don’t waste time. Pro market is already on Avid or Adobe. We hate you Apple…

  46. Richard Jervis Apr 16, 2012 09:22

    All though I am getting used to Fcp x, it is still missing a lot of editing visualization and functionality that I get with Fcp 7, but I know that will come with more use and upgrades. However at this point what I am not sure of is when a new Mac Pro is coming. Fcp 7 worked fine on my iMac, not so with Fcp X. I can’t imagine Red footage on an imac. Most pros will be using a Mac pro now but at some point they will need to upgrade and at the moment there is no indication that apple plan on continuing even manufacturing of pros let alone bringing out a new one. That’s the real deal breaker.

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  48. Mitch Ives Apr 16, 2012 10:35


    We’ll know they are serious when they add the ability to keyframe the color correction filter. The absence of this is ridiculous, and some could argue that without that you can’t even use the word Pro. BTW, this has been asked for since the first release of X.

  49. LeoHans Apr 16, 2012 11:32

    Larry, I don’t know if you read spanish, but just in case.

    I wrote in my blog what I think about why Apple is not allowing to retain in/out marks.

    I think Apple may be developing a multi user database where to save editor’s interactions with events. So properties like in/out should be user-dependable instead of clip-dependable. This way different editors may save their own in/outs in every clip.

    Let me know what you think about that.

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  51. Craig Seeman Apr 16, 2012 11:43

    Mitch, Richard Taylor has a list of 70 feature additions he’d like to see. Just because they’re not on the very short list Larry posted, doesn’t mean they won’t happen. There’s a lot of things being added to X and either one has the patience or one doesn’t (and for some there’s certainly good reason not to wait). That Apple is moving quickly and talking about roadmap is good.

  52. David Putman Apr 16, 2012 12:13

    I’ve gotten used to I-O-F to preserve my in/out points but agree that this shouldn’t be necessary since these really aren’t all my favorite clips, but it does provide a work around. What I can’t get along without is that adjusting any parameter while doing loop playback with a range selection will cause FCPX to ignore the range. This is especially frustrating with short audio selections while trying to adjust EQ. I also miss the match frame; would like to see lift/stamp of effects like Soundtrack Pro with/without replacing existing effects; Actions list of Soundtrack Pro (Photoshop history on steroids); and the ability to add a compound clip to the Event Manager from the timeline since you can create a compound clip in the Event Manager. Great to see the continued improvements that pros are asking for.

  53. Dave Kratz Apr 16, 2012 12:15

    As a professional editor who used FCP7 all day, everyday, I can tell you that the only “professional” “upgrades” I wish Apple would “add” to this “revolutionary” product are BINS and TRACKS.

    Metadata is great in a perfect world, but you need a basic method of visual organization so you know what things are, and we’re you are at a glance.

  54. Braden Apr 16, 2012 12:16

    Hank, no production houses in New York or LA us FCP X? Really? You need to do more research. Here’s three companies who have switched and are using FCP X as the editor of choice, enjoy!

  55. David Putman Apr 16, 2012 12:34

    I agree with Ahmadallah above. It would be much nicer to click a button and enter a new window to do color correction, Motion, audio editing/mixing complete with faders (not to mention compatibility with control surfaces for sound and color), rotoscoping, etc. One application for all of this without dealing with XML unless you wish to send a project out to another house. Kind of like an Avid DS with current upgrades at a Final Cut price point… wait, that’s what Autodesk just gave us with Smoke! Ships in September, three month trail mode beginning in June. Priced at $3,499 and works on iMacs with Thunderbolt drives. Nice to see Apple isn’t the only one thinking radically. Competition will benefit all of us. Can’t wait to see Apple’s response to Smoke!

  56. MrRipple Apr 16, 2012 14:37

    AVID Media Composer 6 FTW!!!!

  57. Doug Stringham Apr 16, 2012 15:01

    There are still several very key areas where FCP X falls down. And the biggest, glaring problem is asset management and sharing media in a network environment. We’ve been holding out with FCP 7, and are hoping that Apple gets real in this department very soon. If not, we’ll have to start looking elsewhere.

  58. Lester Apr 16, 2012 15:23

    There is so much this application can’t do, I can see why Apple lists what it may do sometime in the future. It’s a toy, with people grasping at straws trying to make it function in the professional world. Then there’s the matter of hardware. The tower is an old and creaky behemoth now with no updates on the horizon. Meanwhile companies that do make edit software that does work now (MC 6, Symphony, etc), are getting our business, and we won’t be back. When someone comes to me with resume that has FCPX as their skill set, that resume is filed. Hell hath no fury like an editor scorned.

  59. Jeff Apr 16, 2012 15:36

    I would like an HTML5+dvd output app. adobe has a flash like output but no HTML5 out. that be nice for demoing and for presentations.

  60. Marcus Moore Apr 16, 2012 16:21

    @ Lester. I think memories are shorter than you think. I know a lot of people who left AVID in the last 10 years who swore they’d never go back, and are now considering it. I know people who so hated working with Premier Pro as recently as 3-4 years ago that they’d turn down work rather than use it (Including me). But in both cases those companies have stepped up to deliver compelling products to users, and have been getting those people back.

    FCPX is no different. As Apple improves the product, it will find it’s place in the post world expand. If the reports from NAB are any indication, attendance at FCPX sessions shows anything BUT a lack of interest.

    And not to be blunt, but I’ve found that anyone who calls FCPX a “toy”, either hasn’t used it, or hasn’t used it enough. It’s feature set is powerful, it just needs to expand in some key areas.

  61. Caesar Darias Apr 16, 2012 17:04

    Mike Wallace lives on in Larry Jordan. Good job.

    This is all good news. I’m especially happy about Dual Viewers, MXF and improved audio.

    And thank you so much for asking about missing In and Out points. As I mention in every post, that’s is so highly annoying to me. It hinders my workflow, Apple people! Are you listening to me, Mr. Ubillos? Hello? …Are you there?

    Isn’t it kind of strange that they didn’t answer the I/O question?

    If I was going to start a news channel with field reporters who shoot and edit- a practice that’s becoming widespread- those missing I/O points would be the deal breaker. Otherwise, FCP X and a MacBook Pro are perfect for run and gun shooting and editing.

    Thanks, Larry. Great scoop.

  62. Arty Ross Apr 16, 2012 20:50

    I was the biggest supporter of FCP for many years…many debates…and I still love it…however I’m with Tom…We have made the switch to other editing systems…I can’t in my heart of hearts put our company at risk anymore…Apple deciding to switch an entire product midstream and to have it so far behind in “pro” quality features was the last straw. We love it but it’s like dating a bad girlfriend…it feels great when you’re with her…but you never feel quite right when you turn your back.

  63. Marc Colemont Apr 17, 2012 05:06

    Hi Larry,

    Great that you had the chance to share your meeting with Apple.
    Exciting to see that they are back on track for professional editing.

    @Arty. Yes it was a big surprise as to all of us when FCP7 was dropped from the shelves, with the very early release from FCPX as only other option. Apple realized it. So give them a chance.

    @ Apple. Please confirm to us that the Mac Pro will still be a possible hardware option. iMac is NOT the replacement for a serious editing machine


  64. Peter Hitchcock Apr 17, 2012 09:07

    Ive been wondering why they skipped 8 & 9 and why they called iMovie FCP?
    How would you feel if Apple had announced FCP 8 yesterday?

    Thanks for the update Larry

  65. Craig Koller Apr 17, 2012 12:56

    I appreciate Apple’s overhauling the FC engine where the performance gains (e.g. less rendering lockouts) speed workflow. But going to market with a less-than FC7 feature set, orphaning FC Server and Apple server hardware, along with a paradigm-shifting UI, has been a tough sell especially to video vets.

    Going from a 100% hardware/software suite solution with FCP flanked by decent tools (although there were stronger options than Motion, Compressor, Soundtrack Pro and Color) worked for many. But as FCP7 got long in the tooth, Avid and Adobe caught up and passed Apple in several ways.

    So when FCPX arrived, it was like Apple and Apple users had to start from scratch. Hopefully, when the dust settles, Apple will regain full functionality and benefit from an advanced architecture. But right now, it’s still a recovery process as Apple shovels features back into the new product.

    Disruption is a good thing generally, and Apple is famous for it. But pro users have obligations and need to be treated differently than consumers. Transitioning new tech is never easy, so I give Apple the benefit of the doubt, and we still use FCPX in our corporate video environment (primarily with good results).

    But I’d like this to be a one-time bump in the road. Adobe is our backup solution (and we use AE/Audition a lot) so we’re covered. I’d love to get back to that feeling five years ago when we felt Apple fully understood and supported our entire workflow.

    They’re not quite back there now.

  66. hank Apr 17, 2012 14:10

    @Braden: wow, the apple HOME PAGE found 3 examples of people who are mercifully trying to incorporate FCPX into a professional environment. Not impressed. Back here in the real world, we are mastering to HDCAM and HDCAM SR for our deliverables. Deck capture/layoff was something Apple never got correct in 7 previous versions of FCP so it’s no surprise they took it away altogether.

  67. Darcy Fitzpatrick Apr 17, 2012 15:33

    A lot of great discussion going on here on top of the informative post from Larry. Awesome stuff.

    I gave FCP X a month-long trial on an actual project, and while I did like a lot of the new features and certain implementations of old ones, the thing I had the hardest time with?

    The Magnetic Timeline.

    I found myself having to think too much about how it would behave based on how I was editing, which was really distracting. The main storyline (I think that was what it was called) and the way other clips attached to it rather than just having normal tracks was weird. I really didn’t get how that was meant to be an improvement and it often got in the way of my creative choices. And having to step in and out of clips to work with audio all the time was cumbersome.

    I wanted to like FCP X but that timeline was too much work. I know people harp on about editors being afraid of change, but really the idea of introducing this to the rest of the editors at this company and them having to take considerable time to learn it is just totally unfeasible. We just don’t have the luxury of that much downtime.

    Say what you want about AVID or Premiere Pro, they are different in certain ways, but they at least follow the same basic paradigm as one another, as did FCP 7. I’m all for trying new things, but when something works so well, why mess with it?

    I would love to see many of the new features in FCP X added to the basic skeleton of FCP 7. I know that’s a pipe dream and will never happen, but I just wish that had been the case.

  68. Mike Apr 17, 2012 18:43

    I struggled for weeks with several projects in FCPX.
    My biggest hang up is the magnetic timeline.
    I went back to FCP7 and it was like a breath
    of fresh air…..
    I need to be able to put clips where I want them
    without the program trying to make it “easier”.
    I do many layer builds and FCPX made it very difficult
    to do.
    Just add an FCP7 button in FCPX and I might use it again…..

  69. Jason King Apr 18, 2012 03:03

    I’m intrigued by MXF support and I have not made the jump yet to Final Cut X because of how my workflow is setup. I shoot XDCam EX, and right now am using Vegas Video (my longtime editor of choice) under bootcamp on my Mac Pro.

    Vegas is great because it supports the .mp4 files from the BPAV folders natively, no re-wrapping required. Because of the sheer volume of material I have to deal with, I really don’t want to have to re-wrap the XCCam footage essentially doubling the hard drive space I have so if FCP will gain the ability to natively work with XDCAM EX files, I’d be really happy to make the switch, at least I think so.

    I know I can re-jig my workflow and make FCP work, but I’d rather not have to. I already have far too many terabytes of internal and external storage :)


  70. Gerry Loew Apr 18, 2012 14:55

    It seems to me that a couple of basic changes would be: A) Bring back assignable tracks and B) Add the ability to turn on and turn off the magnetic timeline (although the “position” tool overrides this to a degree). The “roles” function is interesting, but it doesn’t visually help me when looking at the timeline and being comfortable that my audio is organized.

  71. Allynn Apr 18, 2012 15:37

    Cool that Leverage has finally been able to make the switch to X. I’ve been pestering John Rogers ( about this on blog since the second half of last season!

    Keep on ‘em about persistent I/O’s, Larry! That is the one thing about X that bothers me every time I use it (other things only bother me sometimes!)

  72. Craig Seeman Apr 18, 2012 16:41

    Jason, we’ll have to see what Sony’s plugin does in practice as per the announcement below.

    I understand it is a rewrap but if it works the same way as it does for AVCHD (if you check in the Events folder you’ll find it shows as .mov) it would be seamless. In other words it would just import and work. We’ll have to see. Maybe Larry can post if he’s tested.

  73. Alex Apr 18, 2012 17:28

    @ Floris,
    I was an FCP editor exclusively for 6 years in LA. FCP never lead anything. It was the only real other NLE after Avid. But Avid has always been the only real player in town.
    Wether Avid is better or not is irrelevant. It’s the industry standard and if you really want to make a leaving here you gotta have Avid in your toolbox. I always new Avid, but preferred FCP. After years of supporting FCP (more than Apple has ever supported me I should say), my income has certainly gone up since I was forced to switch back.

    FCPX has come a long way. And I’m glad they’re bringing back the dual monitoring. Ill give it a spin eventually. But as with the Imovie X debacle (which was also designed by Randy Ubilos), Apple is bringing back some of the feature they took back. I’m pretty sure they will eventually bring back the numbered tracks as a preference.
    Apple got ride of it because they wanted people to mix sound in FCPX. But the fact the Apple is now showcasing a workflow using X2Pro to Protools prove that they got that wrong. Maybe it will lead them to reconsider getting ride of Soundtrack and Color as well.

    The one big thing that FCPX is still missing to really be considered by big post house is a good server solution and the possibility to share media and projects over a network.

    I’m sure they’re working on it, but until then, you wont see major shows done on FCPX. And the problem is that while that issue is not being addressed, the few big post houses that were FCP based are now investing in other NLE and other server solutions (BMP), and because of the size of those investments, they won’t switch back for another 10 years.

    Tom is right, It’s a little too late.

  74. Lester Apr 19, 2012 11:32

    @ Marcus Moore:

    I have, indeed, attempted to use FCPX in our post department. First on a doc shot in many locations worldwide, second on a RED commercial. In all regards, the workflow and data management were subpar. The ability to speak to other editorial stations (color correction, sound) and manage assets across stations is non-existent.

    Look, if it works for someone, that’s great. But in my world, we can’t wait for two years for a program to work professionally. Apple assumes that we are all it’s minion, and we must do as it says. We dared to think otherwise and moved to Avid, who understands that completed work today is more important than wearing a crazy hat and being different.

  75. LeoHans Apr 19, 2012 13:29


    It’s not true that FCPX can’t talk to other stations. You can go to Da Vinci, ProTools, AE, Smoke, etc.

  76. Jeff Apr 19, 2012 15:05

    Updates delivered through Mac App Store? Seriously? I think I’ll be at the Avid counter.

  77. Larry Apr 19, 2012 15:32

    Updates thru the Mac App Store are no different than updates using Software Update for both are fast and easy.

    I’m not sure what your concerns are here.


  78. LeoHans Apr 19, 2012 15:45


    You are missing the point. Updates over Mac App Store only works with legal copies of Final Cut Pro. In previous versions if you had a valid serial number you were able to get updates using software update.

    If you have bought FCPX via Mac App Store you shouldn’t have any problem.

  79. Marcus Moore Apr 19, 2012 17:28


    I don’t understand either. What situation could you be in and not hold a valid licence?

    As to your other points. As someone else noted- interoperability to both CC and audio finishing tools is now no longer an issue.

    Look, you’re absolutely right in that no one should be on the hook to wait for functionality for the work they do. Apple didn’t communicate this at all, but I always inferred that FCPX was a developing program. So in workflows where it doesn’t work, I continue to use FCP7, but where it does I’ve been very happy to move over to X. And as it’s functionality expands my need for FCP7 will shrink.

    If FCPX were a house, I think it’s only about 30% finished. But I think that the 30% that’s there is stronger in some key ways.

    I’ve been meaning to write a longer post about this, but I keep thinking about the INSANE advantages of the connected clip structure. In a complicated FCP7 sequence, if someone asked you to add 5 seconds out of a single shot. You’d have to:

    1. SHIFT-T select everything down the timeline
    2. manually deselect all the video and audio that crosses over the edit point that you DON’T want to move.
    3. move that material 5 seconds down the timeline
    4. select and expand the shot 5 seconds

    in FCPX this process is:

    1. put selection tool over end of shot and enter +5 on the keyboard. Everything linked before they edit stays where it is, and everything after moves down 5 frames. Wonderful!

    I think that finding a single shot in a properly key worded Event is equally faster than a complicated folder-within-folder structure of bins.

    Its the new processes that I legitimately find compelling. If I move to any other NLE, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ll have to do the same basic steps as with FCP7. No?

  80. LeoHans Apr 19, 2012 21:12


    I was answering about what reason may have somebody to prefer software update over App Store updates.

    I like how Mac App Store works.

  81. Caesar Darias Apr 19, 2012 23:38

    BTW, Apple, please put chapter markers in FCP X. That’s a simple ground ball for you guys. There’s no good reason to have to go and do it in Compressor.

  82. Alex Apr 20, 2012 15:33

    @ Marcus,
    You can do that operation in one step using the ripple tool. Nobody uses the the ripple and roll, or even the trim tool in FCP7 but they exist in every NLE. Avid has an extremely good trim tool and that’s why most editors still use it has their NLE of choice. I can’t say I agree totally with that but once you know how to use the trim tool in any NLE, you just can’t leave without it. And from what I can see the FCPX selection tool is just another version of that.
    That’s what upset me the most about FCPX when it was first released (other that the fact that they EOL Color). A lot of tools that we were using had disappeared and the few tools that where highlighted as new (not going out of sync, selection tool) where not new at all, but old tools that revamped for people who didnt know how to use them in FCP7. And then there were the once that only people who don’t know how to edit efficiently needed like the magnetic timeline. I’m actually glad that some people are admitting that it might not be the best thing ever about FCPX. I never tried it so I always considered that it “could” be useful, but it always seemed gimmicky to me.

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  84. Edgar Apr 20, 2012 21:26

    I completely agree with “Jeff”. DVDSP should have some kind of export as Encore has towards Flash. Although, of course, DVDSP should be rebuilt from the ground again.
    Nevertheless, let me point out that I consider Apple’s position quite ill-mannered since they have not said a single Official word about DVDSP (as far as I know). I really liked FCPX but Adobe Premiere, together with Prelude (what a great software!) and Encore make such a nice and flexible workflow… Besides, ALL the changes I imagined DVDSP should have in a next version are already working on Encore. I just discovered Encore. WHY DID I WASTED SO MUCH TIME WITH DVDSP! Encore is such a relief! All those stupid things that were so complicated on DVDSP… and all those bugs….
    I have never gone faster on editing than with FCPX but its workflow is so clumsy! Where is Apple’s Encore?

  85. Marcus Moore Apr 21, 2012 12:01


    I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t see the flexibility in ripple/roll that you get with connected clips. You still have to manually select all the edit points in a complex timeline to maintain sequence integrity. By having a specifically defined connection point between say, a piece of video and an audio element (a gunshot perhaps) on the moment of sync matters, then once you define that connection you don’t have to worry about anything that happens to picture affecting the audio. And none of this works without eliminating “tracks” from the equation, since the audio elements need the freedom to overlap as the visual changes. Roles need to be better organized visually in the project (timeline). But these two ideas work hand in hand and, in the end, I think will prove a lot more efficient than the current paradigm IMO.

  86. Draomin Apr 22, 2012 02:09

    I gave it a good go…twice. Apparently Apple thinks I have several months to perhaps years while we fine tune a $300 beta program for them. It’s been many moons since this transition started and I am phasing out FCP 7 for the eventual replacement. Aside from the really, really bad public relations, any semblance of a regard for editors and the lack of a plan (we would love to hear it) there is the bad implementation of features and lack thereof as well as vital missing components. Misread? Apple’s intentions were “misread”?
    Bottom line is just that, a bottom line. Mac Pro’s and a professional editing app is really not in Apple’s future shift which is iMacs, iPads and $$ from wide demographics. If you read an occasional newspaper you can see that.
    I walk out when I am being told how to adjust my workflow and then “oh hey…almost forgot we can’t support FCP 7 anymore. Yeah, we know it works well but see…we don’t care.”
    While Apple has a perfect and uncontested right to do whatever they want, so do I. Hasta!

  87. Tom Wolsky Apr 22, 2012 10:50

    I have to say I think retaining I/O in browser clips would be a retrograde step, if implemented as it was in legacy versions. Currently the use of favorites retains I/O while having the added benefit of being able to retain multiple selections in a single clip.

  88. Caesar Darias Apr 23, 2012 10:08

    Breaking News!

    Apple is going into the eyeglasses manufacturing business, and they will soon start breeding seeing-eye dogs.

    That’s my conclusion after reading reports that they are going to discontinue the 17-inch MacBook Pro. They must be trying to make everybody blind by having to stare at a small screen and small letters/icons for hours at a time.

    Good job, Apple. The stock will now surely go over $1,000.

  89. Larry Apr 23, 2012 10:22


    Is this satire? If not, please cite your source.


  90. Caesar Darias Apr 23, 2012 10:37

    Sorry, Larry. I should not have tried to use satire and comment here on a topic that’s not directly relevant.

    And I guess I shouldn’t take the rumor sites too seriously.

  91. Craig Seeman Apr 23, 2012 12:46

    Caesar, it seems a few rumors sites are posting that based on that one analyst. One site posts sales numbers although given that Apple doesn’t break these things out I wonder what the source is. They were something like 1.1 million 13″ MBPs, 500,000 15″ MBPs, 50,000 17″ MBPs.

    Just a bit of personally irony in that I own both a 15″ 2008 and 2011 MBP. I thought the 17″ is a little too big for portable convenience. I was upset that Apple killed the Express port on the 15″ MBP and was quite happy with the introduction with Thunderbolt across the product line, making the 15″ viable again. Perhaps others have used the same reasoning. I’ve often thought of the 17″ as sort of a desktop replacement but it’s certainly possible to use one or even two 27″ Thunderbolt displays with 15″ MBP. I have no idea as to the veracity of the rumor but the 17″ does seem to be the “odd bird.” I suspect Apple can pretty much put the same CPU/GPU power in an upper end 15″ MBP.

  92. LeoHans Apr 23, 2012 18:55

    I don’t know why anyone has to blame Apple if 17″ MBP is not selling enough to justify manufacturing it. Apple is not a philanthropy organization.

    I do like 17″MBP, but it is expensive and too heavy. 15″ MBP with custom hi res display seems to be the best balance.

    And if you are following rumors, don’t forget that one about MBP getting retina display. Perhaps a new 15″ MBP will have enough resolution to match current 17″ MBP.

  93. Caesar Darias Apr 23, 2012 20:52

    I understand what you’re both saying, Craig and Leo.

    I love my 17″ MBP. I was looking forward to getting a new one with the latest and greatest features, especially Thunderbolt. It would be a great fit for FCP X and my plan to learn CS6.

    I was just very disappointed when I read the articles and didn’t take a moment to think. I was trying to be humerous. I should probably leave the ha-ha’s to the pros.

  94. Larry Apr 23, 2012 21:14


    Your comments are not a problem to me – whether meant humorously or not.


  95. Marcus Moore Apr 24, 2012 00:35


    Unfortunately, the humour in your post is TOO spot on. There are loads of people who take the vague, unsubstantiated rumours reported on certain sites, and decide they’re going to use them to stand on a soapbox about what Apple is or isn’t doing.

  96. luis Apr 24, 2012 07:24

    hello Larry
    I wanted to ask if six to news about future updates and maybe the next can be intergrated with native support of projects will FCX Video files “AVCHD MTS” to be put directly on the timeline, and as already seen on Edius and Adobe Premier.
    I wondered why developers have not put FCX subbito already before the official release this support (MTS) born?


  97. Larry Apr 24, 2012 10:48


    I’m not quite sure what you are asking. It is my hope that what Apple is indicating is more support for native video formats – but we shall have to wait for Apple to make this possible.


  98. Loren Apr 24, 2012 15:39

    Dual Viewers! This is like pulling teeth. I made a bullet-list case for turning the multicam angle viewer into an all-purpose viewer for single or multi, so I guess some form of that is happening, for God’s sake.

    Still not enough. Need classic tracks after working in the magnetic timeline, with edit/trim ability, and near-total access to customize the window layouts and reduce the visual stim.

    Thanks, Larry.

  99. Loren Apr 24, 2012 15:56

    Tom W. adds-
    [Currently the use of favorites retains I/O while having the added benefit of being able to retain multiple selections in a single clip.]

    Very good point. Now if we could call them something other than “favorites”– like maybe “selects”? That would transform FCPX into “pro”…. ;-)

  100. Caesar Darias Apr 24, 2012 17:09

    Thanks, Larry.

    On the issue of I/O points. Here’s an example of why it’s important to retain them, especially when working on daily deadlines:

    Let’s say you select a SOT in a news story. You then go to the VO and cover it with b-roll. If you want to pick up the next SOT or b-roll exactly where you left off, then you can turn the previous out-point to an in-point. (In FCP 7 you could even double-click on the Timeline and you’d see where that clip fell within your raw video.)

    Saved I/O is also very helpful when editing a music video. Again, you are frequently turning an out-point into an in-point.

    Favorites is helpful. FCP X should allow a user to use both or to select and de-select.

  101. Marcus Moore Apr 24, 2012 18:06

    @ Loren. Forget tracks- it will never happen. With the way media must be allowed to shift around for connected clips to work it makes no sense. And even if there were numbered tracks, they’d loose all meaning in their current context. Tracks are gone, and frankly I don’t want them back.

    What I AM hoping for is colour coded roles in the project window, which are grouped by role from top to bottom in an order you can specify. You could think of them as “Tracks”, except that each one might contain several layers of audio. This way the fluidity of the connected timeline can be maintained, but with more visual organization in the project timeline.

  102. Bryan Peel Apr 24, 2012 20:20

    Great to finally meet you in person at NAB Larry and thanks for the update.
    Thankfully, FCP 7 still works fine for us in our multi suite SAN environment. We are using the new compressor and Motion 5 but haven’t jumped into X yet. Hopefully X will grow a bit more and then we can start to transition our systems over. Everyone needs to remember…FCX is an editors app not compositing app.

    I had a one on one demo with Autodesk on the new Smoke and it is an amazing compositing program but a very buggy editing app with many fixes needed. IMHO, FCX should be ready for day to day use in less than a year. I can’t say the same for Smoke. As for Avid, I’ve never been a fan. However we may be adding Protools into the mix. (they still use dongles, ha)


  103. William Bordeaux Apr 30, 2012 14:07

    Such great and in-sightful comments from everyone. I’m throwing my training manuals away. I’ll just read your comments – laugh! Kidding Larry.

    We are switching our Corporate editing over to FCP X.

    We are gambling (we after all located in las Vegas), that sufficent knowledge resides “out there” and that X fixes will be found if we run into severe trouble.

    Apple devotee’s we became in FCP and Apple devotee’s we remain.

    Larry will make it so in his training programs.

  104. Larry Apr 30, 2012 14:11

    (smile…) but no pressure….


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  106. [...] Apple have pre-announced that a future version of Final Cut Pro X will have dual viewers and multichannel audio editing tools. [...]

  107. [...] Future Features in FCPX Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. [...]

  108. Lauter Jul 28, 2012 20:00

    Why is everybody complaining about the missing functions in FCPX… I would be happy if this would be the only problem… This app is full of buggs. In fact, it is a big BUG… I would be happy if I could work properly with it, but this ain’t the case…